Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach and the Aquarium

My family is in town.  It sounds like everyone is having a good time.  I sent the kids down with Kris to join everyone at the beach and aquarium.  They had a wonderful time.  Becca keeps getting sunburned, but Jessi and Lizzy are tanning up beautifully.  They must have gotten that from Jason’s side of the family.  :)

july 18 007 july 18 057

image image

image image image

Jessi, Lizzy, and Sammi all clean after the morning at the beach!


Arriving at the aquarium. Sammi got cut off so we took it again...

Yay! It worked! :)

Becca looking at the fishes.

Sammi drawing pictures of the fish so that she could show mom when we got home :)

Oooooo... ahhhhh....

Nathan and Jessi never seemed to let go throughout the whole aquarium experience. It was so sweet!

This picture was taken not realizing how cool it was until after. haha

Fish faces!

I think we were all pretty tired after that wonderful, long day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

July 24 007


At church today the Primary is having a Pioneer Day Celebration.  Sammi, Jessi, and Lizzy went complete with bonnets to have a lot of fun!  Happy Pioneer Day, y’all!

Funny thing – Lizzy was walking around the house playing with a cell phone while wearing her bonnet.  The nurse remarked that the two items were definitely from different eras.  :)  That’s Lizzy, my techno-savvy pioneer!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Very Cool Picture

IMG_2272 (2)

Asia, Cyndi, Bob, Kathie, and me

Some of my siblings – the Original Five!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sammi’s Excitement

A while back, on a Saturday, I went to do the family shopping at HEB.  Kraft Foods was there doing little contests and give-aways.  Two people asked the kids if they wanted to try an Oreo eating contest.  The kids, of course, wanted to.  I filled out the releases and they unscrewed Oreos, ate the filling, ate the cookies, then drank the milk.  Sammi won of the three girls.  Yea – what fun, now let’s finish our shopping.  We all forgot about it until UPS delivered a package to our house.  Sammi was the winner for the whole store!  She won 4 tickets to the Astros Game and a chance to compete against winners from the other stores.  What a surprise!  Sammi chose to take Grandpa Ball, Nathan, and Daddy.  The Selims came into town, so they got to come too!  They had dinner at McDonald’s, enjoyed the game (we won!), and the fireworks after the game.  Sammi competed in the Oreo contest.  She didn’t win – but what a fun night!  Thank you Kraft Foods!

july 11 022 july 11 023

Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July

Jason and Becca spent the day with Bella.

The rest of us had lunch at our neighborhood park.  They always have a wonderful catered BBQ dinner and entertainment.  It was very yummy!july 5 002 july 5 003 july 5 004  july 5 007

After a while we went up to the farm to visit Mandy – and got an extra bonus!  Asia and family came over for dinner.  So we stayed for a great dinner (thanks Mama)  …and….I got to hold Gideon!  How do they make babies that soft?  :)

   july 5 011 july 5 012

After dinner we met Jason and Becca at the new Unity Park in Magnolia.  The kids were totally goofy on the way over.  At the park there were jumping games and fire trucks to explore.  Then the kids enjoyed ice cream.  Finally we all enjoyed the fireworks.  They put on a really nice display!

july 5 026  july 5 043 july 5 044 july 5 045 july 5 046  july 5 008july 5 009july 5 051   july 5 065

To see the wonder through the eyes of a child….

Happy 4th!  May America always be strong and free!

Friday, July 03, 2009

New Happenings

My big girls came home from Utah!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!  I missed them so badly.  I know I don’t see them that much, but still….I missed them.  They had a wonderful time – thank you Linda.  I’m hoping to see some pictures of their adventures soon.

I am an Aunt again!!  Asia had little Gideon on July 1st!  I am so excited for their little family!  Welcome little one!  (I stole these cute pictures from her blog)  This did nothing for my “I want a son so badly” feelings.  After all, who can resist a chubby Ball baby? :)

image image

In less exciting news, Mandy fell and broke her femur.  She had to be transferred down here to TCH for surgery to put a pin in while that bone heals.  But that also means my Mom got to see Bella.

july 3 005 july 3 002

And in thrilling news, it looks like Bella will be coming home on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!