Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beach and the Aquarium

My family is in town.  It sounds like everyone is having a good time.  I sent the kids down with Kris to join everyone at the beach and aquarium.  They had a wonderful time.  Becca keeps getting sunburned, but Jessi and Lizzy are tanning up beautifully.  They must have gotten that from Jason’s side of the family.  :)

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Jessi, Lizzy, and Sammi all clean after the morning at the beach!


Arriving at the aquarium. Sammi got cut off so we took it again...

Yay! It worked! :)

Becca looking at the fishes.

Sammi drawing pictures of the fish so that she could show mom when we got home :)

Oooooo... ahhhhh....

Nathan and Jessi never seemed to let go throughout the whole aquarium experience. It was so sweet!

This picture was taken not realizing how cool it was until after. haha

Fish faces!

I think we were all pretty tired after that wonderful, long day.

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