Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Every year we check out that heart.  And so far, every year we get the news that it’s holding in there!  Puberty is our next worry time for her repairs and her valves, but so far, so good.

She gets so scared, but she is truly so brave!  The doctor was trying to calm her down and say some cute things to her and she just grabs his stethescope and put it on her chest.  I know the routine, let’s do this! She truly is my hero!


I am a sucker for heroes!  So we stopped and got a cupcake!


Sweet girl, I love you and your misshapen heart so much!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

25th Wedding Anniversary


Jason and I didn’t get to do anything special for our silver anniversary – except go to the American Consulate in Guangzhou, but that just really wasn’t what we had in mind.

So today was the day!  The kids babysat and we went out.  It was all a surprise for my Jas – I planned it all.   I had been trying to come up with something special, but we couldn’t go anywhere overnight cause we are too new to Kai.  So when a member of my church was selling Broadway musical tickets, I jumped on them.  Perfect, I thought!  Combine that with one of his favorite restaurants and we should be great!

Well, I guess cause they were being sold by a member at church, I didn’t look into the show – like at all.  But in retrospect, that wasn’t a smart idea!  We were pretty much shocked for the first scene.  Yes, we did end up leaving.  We were pretty amazed, and not in a good way.  (Seriously, how can people yell about sexual harassment and the treatment of women and then go and clap and cheer for that kind of movie?)

We went on to the restaurant, a Brazilian Steakhouse – the kind where you can eat all of the steak you want.  It’s really yummy – and Jason loves it!  But before we got started, Jason and I bowed our heads to pray.  While holding hands, Jason talked to Heavenly Father about the show we had just seen, our shock, and then asked a blessing on the food we were about to eat.  I seriously could not love him more at that second – I know I’m weird and religion is extremely important to me, but Jason is really a quiet guy.  He isn’t one to go on and on about church stuff, that’s more me.  To sit across from this man, who had just walked out of a crazy show, and was now talking to his Father and God about it, I just felt so much love for him at that second!

And yes, the food was great – but we didn’t overeat.  Yeah us!

We decided to take in a movie.  We tried for Greatest Showman, but there were only two tickets left – on opposite sides of the theater, not exactly the way anniversary celebrators should sit.  So instead we saw Jumanji – which was so much better than the other show Smile


I’m really grateful for Jason.  For 25 years we have walked together through life.  Life is crazy and messy.  I’m grateful for you, Jas!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Around the house

“Writing” with Ellie


It finally got warm enough to take Kai outside – we have an entire backyard that he didn’t know existed!  You can tell he hasn’t had a lot of experience with swinging, but oh my goodness, he had fun!


Look at my Bella at therapy – there was a time when she would NEVER have touched that paint with her hands!  So much progress little one!


Been having fun with the Instant Pot – chicken pot pie and French Onion Soup (super yummy!)


Of course, the Ellie pictures…


Sweet Kai will just sit where he is put ALL DAY LONG.  I don’t like it! I’m always trying to figure out how to change that.  Dancing was a hit!


Playing he is not good at, cleaning up, that is a specialty.

Isn’t he so handsome in his shirt and tie!?


Becca has been visiting her sweet boy – he just needs to eat now and he can come home!  Little Miss and her many bags


Kai snuggles                                       

Trevor and Angie came into town to help Grandma and Grandpa get moved in.  G&G just bought a villa home close to the church.  We got to see everyone – it was really nice!  Trevor went to a dance with the girls.  Angie took the girls to a movie.  There was jamming in the car.  They had so much fun getting to know Trevor again!  (and, of course, Grandma’s house looks great too!)


Kai in his customary spot on the couch, listening to TV and eating.

We found a new dentist and poor Jessi had to have a root canal/crown.


Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?  Sweet Jason with a NICU baby :)  Ahhhh…..Ohhh….

Took Kai in for his first appointment with Dr Agan, our pediatrician.  They had a translator on the phone which was great!  He did fine, except for his ears – he did not want her messing with his ears!  But I saw this poster while we were there – the white glow is the sign for retinoblastoma, which is the cancer Kai had.  So grateful word is getting out about it.  Too often it is fatal.  We lose friends on our Facebook group way too often.


Going back to the 15th and more snow.  Sweet Jason – his Dad’s snow blower is in our garage.  Jason was like a kid with a new toy!  He did our driveway, both neighbors and the sidewalks before running out of gas.  He was having so much fun! 

Joy loves the snow too!


Monday, January 15, 2018

More Snow Days…and I got to hold Bennett!

Playing cards                                                        Shoveling snowIMG_1220IMG_1219

I got to hold Bennett!! 


Jason bought this Connect Four for one of the nights he spent up at the hospital with Becca.  Jes and Jas are both really good!  I overcomplicate the game!  Joy just loves putting pieces in Smile


One of my biggest challenges is feeding this boy!  He’s not into weird American food.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snowmagedden a.k.a Friday and Saturday

We had quite the winter storm predicted, but as usual, the snow forgot how much my little ones would LOVE to play in it!  Instead the big news was all of the ice!  We had rain and then it quickly froze, so all of the trees, cars, everything are encrusted in ice.  It’s rather beautiful how the sun shines and sparkles in the ice.  And the sound – the sound of frozen trees being blown by wind – amazing!

My pictures don’t do this ice covered world justice.  (We got a little snow)



Gotta keep busy or we go crazy!


I thought Kai might enjoy walking through the snow, maybe even touching the snow.  We went outside, and he stomped around a bit.  But then that wind chill hit his face, and he was done!  No thank you!


Daddy and his shoveling helper


Joy’s snowy tree picture


Joy and I shoveled the front walk


Someone loves this cat!  They slept together part of the night


Bella likes to get creative with her clothes!  Since she didn’t have to wear her school uniform, she chose her own outfit.  Reality is, that is only one of several outfits she wore all day.  She is my Diva!


I am loving these Chinese spoons!


School or no school, there must be snack time!  My two sweet boys!


Friday morning Jason and I took Kai to the opthalmologist.  Dr Silvestros was so kind.  He filled out the forms about Kai’s blindness and wrote a letter recommending he be placed in the School for the Blind.  It’s all just part of the process to get Kai into school.  I thought I wanted to keep him home for a long time before he went to school, but not anymore. School = routine.  School = services.  Besides all of the blind services he will receive, he also qualifies for ESL!  Communication – how I love thee!  At 8 1/2 years old, we have some educational blanks.  It’s time to start approaching those.

In other news, this Mama got hit with a nasty bug on Friday.  Oh my goodness, I would have embraced death!  Between naps, I was reminding Jason where the wills were, where we keep the birth certificates, and the next bit of paperwork that we need to do for Kai. (dramatic much?)  So grateful my body obeyed the Mom code and I was only out for one day!  One day is too many when you have kiddos!  Not to mention, I can’t be around Becca or her family so we can protect little Bennett!  Icky sickness – go away!