Wednesday, January 10, 2018

And the world keeps spinning

Life goes on.  The world keeps spinning.

Kai and today:  He discovered a new toy!  This baby doll cries when you press a button on its back.  He may not be able to see, but those thin fingers can find any button!IMG_1149

Food – continues to be a very picky eater!  Will eat apples and bananas all day long though!  Got some fried rice into him – yeah!


Yes, I know this is a HORRIBLE picture of me – but what it represents is so dear to me!  We were sitting on the couch.  Me on my side, Kai on his.  He crawled over and into my lap.  We laughed and tickled.  We said crazy Chinese words.  I kissed him and held him like a baby.  He laid his head on me.  Precious!  So very, very dear to me!  We’ll make it Kai Kai!


Kai now has three upcoming appointments: opthalmology (to fill out a paper for school – guess whay?  with no eyes, he can’t see!  yes, these things must be documented), oncology, and pediatrician.  I have also started the process that will get him into school.  Lots of forms and referrals – hoping it’ll all go smoothly.

I spent the morning at KSB where the ARC completed Alex’s three year re-evaluation and eligibility meeting.  We started before I left for China.  Three hours later we weren’t even near done, so we had to re-schedule.  Sweet guy just receives so many services, it takes a while to go through all of them!  I may be naive, but I felt like this meeting was so good, and how these meetings are supposed to go.  So many, many people (over 10) discussing where Alex is and how best to help him.  We added Autism to his eligibility criteria – Alex is technically multi: VI, autism, Other Health Impairment.  Lots to talk about.  Lots to share. New strategies suggested.  We, of course, had to discuss least restrictive environment.  Being at KSB, he is in the Most restricted environment, so would I like to discuss alternate placements? (They have to ask – there was no threat)  No, thanks.  He is in a good place.  I am so very, very grateful!

Since I was gone all morning, I couldn’t drive Jessi to school.  Lizzy was out sick today, and Sam wasn’t at work, so I had all three Bigs home!  It is fun to listen to them interacting and talking (especially Lizzy who has a cold and is medicated  :)  She was kinda loopy!  )

Sammi made us sushi


Ellie and I supervised


Lizzy made peanut butter balls


I have to share this picture.  Blake took it without Becca knowing.  She is in heaven when she gets to hold her sweet boy.  She says he makes this adorable sound whenever she holds him.  The nurse teases him that he’s singing to his Mama.


In other news, two more came home sick today from school.  We have got to clear these germs out of here before Bennett gets home!!

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