Monday, January 08, 2018

Ethan Bennett Ledford

We have a grandson!  Bennett was born this morning 1-8-18 (cool birthday!!) by c-section.  Becca’s water unexpectedly broke on Saturday.  Since she would need a NICU, they sent her by ambulance to University of Louisville Hospital.  It’s the best of the best for emergencies and trauma.  It the worst for lovely, calm, and serene births.  But at the end of everything, we have a living Mama and a living baby – and for that we are so very, very grateful!

Yes, I am purposely being vague cause it’s Bec’s story to tell, not mine.  Yes, I was there, breathing through contractions with her, watching her suffer, really not liking that we were stuck at a teaching hospital, but she was the one who made it for two and a half days of crazy pain to give her son a chance for his lungs to develop with the help of steroids.  It did make me question why I went through that five times :), until I saw that beautiful baby – then I remembered.  How I love my babies!!  (Especially since I think Bennett looks just like his Mama!)



Ellie has been here!  Can you believe this is what a big sister looks like?


Happiest birthday Bennett – we are so glad you are here and healthy! 

Welcome to the family – you are so loved!!

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