Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snowmagedden a.k.a Friday and Saturday

We had quite the winter storm predicted, but as usual, the snow forgot how much my little ones would LOVE to play in it!  Instead the big news was all of the ice!  We had rain and then it quickly froze, so all of the trees, cars, everything are encrusted in ice.  It’s rather beautiful how the sun shines and sparkles in the ice.  And the sound – the sound of frozen trees being blown by wind – amazing!

My pictures don’t do this ice covered world justice.  (We got a little snow)



Gotta keep busy or we go crazy!


I thought Kai might enjoy walking through the snow, maybe even touching the snow.  We went outside, and he stomped around a bit.  But then that wind chill hit his face, and he was done!  No thank you!


Daddy and his shoveling helper


Joy’s snowy tree picture


Joy and I shoveled the front walk


Someone loves this cat!  They slept together part of the night


Bella likes to get creative with her clothes!  Since she didn’t have to wear her school uniform, she chose her own outfit.  Reality is, that is only one of several outfits she wore all day.  She is my Diva!


I am loving these Chinese spoons!


School or no school, there must be snack time!  My two sweet boys!


Friday morning Jason and I took Kai to the opthalmologist.  Dr Silvestros was so kind.  He filled out the forms about Kai’s blindness and wrote a letter recommending he be placed in the School for the Blind.  It’s all just part of the process to get Kai into school.  I thought I wanted to keep him home for a long time before he went to school, but not anymore. School = routine.  School = services.  Besides all of the blind services he will receive, he also qualifies for ESL!  Communication – how I love thee!  At 8 1/2 years old, we have some educational blanks.  It’s time to start approaching those.

In other news, this Mama got hit with a nasty bug on Friday.  Oh my goodness, I would have embraced death!  Between naps, I was reminding Jason where the wills were, where we keep the birth certificates, and the next bit of paperwork that we need to do for Kai. (dramatic much?)  So grateful my body obeyed the Mom code and I was only out for one day!  One day is too many when you have kiddos!  Not to mention, I can’t be around Becca or her family so we can protect little Bennett!  Icky sickness – go away!

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