Sunday, January 07, 2018

Jessi’s Exciting New Adventure!

Jessi received an envelope in the mail on Saturday.


On the envelope it says – Celebrate!  and then in parentheses, small font, (You’re in!)  This type of wit is so Jessi!  She loved it!  :)

So now my baby is a Future Colonel!


Of course they followed up with an email!


We had to apply for housing and start doing college-y things.  It’s getting real, as Jessi says!

Meanwhile, my heart is dying!!  There is going to be a gaping hole in my home when Jessi goes away to school (but NOT until Fall Semester).  She is my peacemaker.  My supreme cuddler.  My baby whisperer.  How will we live without you Jessi?

On the other hand, this sweet girl deserves a rich and wonderful life – which means she has to grow up – which means she can’t stay my amazing helper forever.  You are amazing, Jes!  You will do great things!  Love ya!


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