Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Year Begins

Christmas decorations come down, the house gets cleaned, and a new year starts.

But first New Years Eve – Kai didn’t like our traditional smoked oysters :)


Those who made it to midnight:


And those who didn’t :) 

Alex didn’t either.  He went to bed at 8PM just like every other day. 

Routine: 1  New Year: 0


Our Ellie!


Random life shots:  yummy ice cream, scripture time, posing with Mama


This girl!!  Her personality has really been shining lately!  She is a little Diva!  A friend gave us a bag of clothes her daughter had outgrown – and she has been in heaven for TWO days trying on everything!


This sweet one, on the other hand, has been sick.  :( 

This is side by side photos of the girls on the first day back to school (A day Mama was SUPER excited about!)  Bella was so thrilled to go back to school!!!


Jessi spent the first day back at the dentist – poor kid!  She is such a sweetheart and has such a way with Alex.  She is seriously considering heading out to EKU in the Fall – and my heart is completely breaking!  How I love this sweet, thoughtful, quiet, sarcastic, witty girl of mine!


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