Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving our Pumpkin for Halloween

The girls got tiny pumpkins at Oil Ranch. They were so little, so got a big pumpkin to carve as a family. We carved it for Family Home Evening. Since we only got one pumpkin, Jason had all the kids draw a picture of how they would want their pumpkin to look. Then he took elements from each drawing and poof!.......you have the Turpin Pumpkin!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

British Bazaar

Saturday afternoon we went to the British Bazaar.

oct 25 018 oct 25 021

The kids loved this Big Ben puzzle!  Talking to one of the Dancers

oct 25 022 oct 25 025

British cars – older and newer

oct 25 029 oct 25 031

Making a rubbing – it is a cool Celtic scroll print

oct 25 032 Too cute costumes!

oct 25 034 oct 25 035

And of course the yummy food – Cadbury anyone?  The current biscuits were so yummy!!

oct 25 036 oct 25 038

We bought two containers of tea cakes and had a lovely tea (with hot chocolate of course) this Sunday afternoon.

Oh!  And this is just for fun.  Lizzy had some clay and some nails (don’t ask) and she made me a miniature bag pipe.  It’s working!! :)S6303716

Saturday Work

One of last cleaning project from Ike - cleaning the roof!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

halloween party 006 halloween party 008

Sammi wanted to be scary – getting that black out of her hair was scary!  :)

Lizzy wanted to be The Little Mermaid.  Sister Kunkel had this costume.  Liz loved it.  Yes, her hair is very red!

halloween party 015 halloween party 014

Becca was Lexa from her favorite book, Gregor the Overlander.

She has been looking for that gray wig for two years now.

halloween party 009 halloween party 013

Jessi kept changing back and forth from being a CenterPoint Energy worker to Sammi’s accomplice.  And Joy was a flower!  So cute!


halloween party 022

Becca being silly!

halloween party 023

Asia, Ben, and Aurora came to our fun event!  See the cute cheerleader?!  halloween party 024

My Mom, Nathan, and Mandy were also able to come.  Nathan was a doctor and Mandy was a fairy.  Here they are eating because how could it be a Mormon event without food?

halloween party 028

Jessi and her friend Maia.

halloween party 040

Lizzy at the fishing booth.

halloween party 044

Becca helped with the face painting.

halloween party 046

My lovely girls that helped me with the cake walk.  (Thank you Shasta for stepping in and helping me at the beginning – you are great!)

halloween party 048

Jason handing out candy at the Trunk or Treat!

halloween party 050

Yummy Candy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Sad Event

While Sammi was gone, her Betta fish died.  Betta has been with us a long time.  A lot longer than it normal for your average Betta.  Sammi had been concerned on late because Betta’s tail was turning white.  Our hair goes white, his tail went white.  So we had been doing some prepping for the event that was sure to come. 

We buried the fish today.  Sammi made this marker for his grave.  It reads, “Here lies Betta Turpin, pet of Sammi Turpin.  She was one of the first pets of my own.”

halloween party 002

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cold Weather

It be cold here in Houston.  Our thin blood does be shivering with the chilliness!

But our wardrobe hasn’t changed!  Lizzy and I got dressed this morning and I just laughed!  We were dressed in short sleeves and shorts.  We need to find our warmer clothes.  :)



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Reunion

My Sammi made a point that is so true.

“Dad, this did not seem like a funeral but more like a family reunion.”

Oh how true that statement is.

Brother and sisters, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren gathered to honor their sweet Grandmother that has passed on.

I know that most of this family lives in the general area there, but they do still have their lives and I do not know how often they get together as cousins and family.

For my Dad, Mom, Sammi and I, it was an opportunity to see and talk with family I have not seen in a long time.

We had a good lunch after the funeral and was able to visit and talk with all the family that was there.

logan trip 4 067

logan trip 4 099

logan trip 4 117

logan trip 4 114

logan trip 4 115

logan trip 4 124

After the lunch, we went over to Aunt Sue’s home so Sammi could play with Sues Grandchildren and jump in the leaves. They had so much fun.

logan trip 4 144

We also were able to stay with my Mothers sister, Alona. That was great as she and her husband we so kind and Sammi just loved it there with them. My Aunt Marcie also came down to see my mom and family. We were able to get a great game of “May I” going. (always a family favorite)

Utah to Houston 002

Utah to Houston 001

The next morning we packed up and headed down to Salt Lake City for the return trip home.

Utah to Houston 010

Utah to Houston 018

Utah to Houston 021

It was a short but wonderful trip to catch up on family and reacquaint ourselves with family we have not seen and talked with in a long time. Everyone has grown and generations have all stepped up one level.

Grandma may have passed on, but look at the legacy of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren she has left here on earth.

logan trip 4 093

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, Grandma's Funeral

Today we had the Funeral for Grandma Grace.

They had a short viewing then we had the family prayer. We closed up the casket and had the funeral services. We got to hear about the life of Grandma, along with memories of her from the grandchildren. The great grandchildren sang "I am a Child of God."

Sammi handed out programs

logan trip 4 018

logan trip 4 020

We then went to the Graveside Service and dedicated the grave. We love grandma very much and can't wait to see her again in the resurrection.

logan trip 4 024

logan trip 4 030

Pall Bearers

logan trip 4 036

logan trip 4 038

logan trip 4 059

logan trip 4 083

Grace's Grandchildren that were able to attend the funeral

logan trip 4 089

All of Grace's blood descendants that were able to attend the funeral