Monday, October 06, 2008

Turkish Festival and My Birthday

One of the wonderful things about living in Houston is there is always something happening!  We are studying geography and cultures this year in our home school, so I am trying to take advantage of some of these amazing cultural opportunities.  This weekend we went to the Turkish Festival. 

Here are pictures of the girls playing in the Children’s Corner:

S6303640  S6303649 S6303650

Us trying the Turkish food:

S6303668 S6303672

and Lizzy and Sammi dancing:


We got each of the girls a necklace or earrings.  Very fun way to spend my birthday!


We came home and watched four hours of General Conference – absolutely wonderful, as always!

Then the eating began.  :)

Sammi made me this helping of ice cream:


Sister Brown brought over this lovely cake:  The kids had made it on Friday while I was in the temple.


Mama stopped by and brought Brownies:


The Hair family brought us this wonderful ice cream pie:


The kids said it looked like the Thanksgiving dessert table!


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