Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day in SLC, and Provo

Sammi and I arrived in Salt Lake City and got to spend a couple of hours with our friend Linda.  We ate at the Lion House and got to walk around Temple Square and the Conference center.

logan trip 2 002 logan trip 2 003

Sammi and I at the new reflection pool.

logan trip 2 013

The pine trees that Shelly and I had wedding pictures are now gone.  since the church bought the street in front and converted it to a walk way they now have new pines close to where the old ones were, although these would be in the center of the old street.

logan trip 2 015

view from on top of the Conference Center looking at Temple Square.

logan trip 2 027

Sammi and I.

logan trip 2 030

After we went back to the Airport to meet Grandpa and Grandma we drove down to Provo to visit where Shelly and I lived and where Ben is buried.

logan trip 2 031

logan trip 2 032 

as we got into the valley one of my favorite sites was there to greet me.  I love Mount Timpanogas in Utah Valley.

logan trip 2 033

We stopped at the Krispy Kreme in Orem so dad could get his Maple covered cake doughnuts.

logan trip 2 034

logan trip 2 037

here is the front yard of our old House (although the house is now missing)

 logan trip 2 039

The old BYU academy building that was across the street from us.  (when we lived there it was decaying, unoccupied and fenced off.)  It is now the Provo Library.

logan trip 2 041

Here is Ben's Grave site.

logan trip 2 042

logan trip 2 045

We also found one of our favorite restaurants :)

logan trip 2 050

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