Friday, June 15, 2007

Los Angeles Temple

For today's journey we drove to the Los Angeles Temple. Talk about an experience of contrasts! We drove through N. Western Rd and Sunset Blvd to Santa Monica to get to the temple. We passed through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills to get here. Everything is crowded and loud. There are people and billboards everywhere! And then you pull into the temple grounds.............and peace. It's so wonderful. It's beautiful, calm, and tranquil. There are hymns softly playing from speakers in the landscaping. It was heaven in the midst of this telestial world. What a wonderful blessing to be able to go.

We would have gone inside, but yours truly left her recommend at home - argh! Oh well, walking around was so restorative to my soul.

Outside the visitor's center is a display called "Tribute to Women." (something like that, I can't remember exactly) It is great! We have pictures below.

Driving back to the hotel (11 miles) took an hour and a half at 7 o'clock at night! whew!

I am so grateful for temples - little patches of heaven on Earth!

The LA Temple - it's huge!


A cool tree, we have loved the trees here in LA

The family - notice the FIVE children :)

Eternal Courtship

A Mother playing with her children

Seek Learning

The Compassionate Woman


This one was about teaching

Grandmother and charity

Walking in the foot step of her mother
(Reminded me of my family right now)

Virtuous Woman

Praying Woman
(something I've been doing a lot of lately!)

Emma and Joseph and the organization
of the Relief Society

First Steps

Preparing Her Son

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Exciting News!

The reason we are in California is to adopt a sweet baby.
Abigail Lili Joy Turpin was born on June 1, 2007 in California.
We got a call about her last Wednesday. Yesterday, one week later, we signed all the papers to make her ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is still in the NICU learning to eat, then we will bring her home to our family and friends waiting in Houston.
Everyone has been so supportive and kind - we are so grateful!
Here is Miss Joy:

While we have been gone, the girls have been in Theater Boot Camp run by Cyndi and Jeremy Selim. This is a short that they created yesterday.
We love it! Oscars for everyone!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Los Angeles Arboritum

We got to go to the LA Arboritum today and had fun looking at the beautiful gardens.

Our feet are killing us after walking so much.

Here are lots of pictures of the plants and peacocks!


We have been in California for a couple of days and saw Malibu Beach.