Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Week

Lizzy and Sammi found this cool caterpillar.  They investigated on the internet until they figured out what kind of caterpillar is.  They built it a habitat and can’t wait for it to build a chrysalis and then to emerge!

Lizzy also discovered we have beans growing in our garden!


Brother’s First Vision Therapy.  We think we have determined that his color preference is yellow.


Cuddling with Brother, Becca’s senior t-shirts came in.  She was thrilled!


PT – This was Joy’s last official visit


Bella had to get in some of the action!  Becca and Brother playing the piano


It’s a great cause and effect toy!

We made dinner for a family, I don’t normally post when I do service, but I was proud of the girls – Sammi made the mashed potatoes herself and Lizzy made the cupcakes and frosted them.


Becca was thrilled!  She received a personalized letter from Idaho State University.  She took it to her Orchestra Director.  He has been unsure of her going off to “some Idaho school.”  But it turns out that the Symphony Director used to teach at LSU – where Bec’s Director wanted his own daughter to attend to study under this man!  He also knows of the Viola Professor.  So now her Director is excited for Becca to attend this Idaho school – he even made a copy of the letter to have the contact information for future students.  What a blessing – Becca feels she has been lead to this school and is seeing so many positive confirmations.  Grateful for that!  Now if I could just get over the fact that it’s so far away, we’d be good!

Happy Bella in music therapy and Lizzy pushing Bella


OT – swinging and bean play


Checking out Brother – poor guy, OT and PT started in earnest this week.  Up until now they have been doing little things and kinda supervising.  Now he has regularly scheduled twice a week sessions.  Poor Brother!  :)

The girls playing together outside

And kisses for Becca from her brother – she loves it!


Jessi’s school sent her a letter commending her for her placement at Region. 

Bella loving on her brother


Wednesday was Young Women in Excellence.  Sammi made two cakes for the evening.IMG_1882IMG_1884


Joy enjoying left overs!



Sammi, Jessi, and Lizzy have had a wonderful pretend game going on in the back yard.  Sammi has been collecting and shelling tons of acorns!


For a service project as she finishes her Faith in God, Jessi (and Lizzy) made cookies and a thank you card for the crossing guard near her school.

Trying to get Bella to stand up  and Joy’s autumn crown

IMG_1892IMG_1893oct 28 004

More OT

oct 28 006oct 28 009

As the cool weather rolls in, Joy is prepared.   Becca loving on her Didi.  Cute boy!


Our Ward’s Fall Festival

Daddy – tourist, Shelly – medieval maiden, Bec – nurse, Sam – witch, Jes – princess, Liz – vampire, Joy – bumble bee, Alex – baseball player


Sammi worked in the Face Painting booth, while Becca and I worked in the Fishing Booth.  I had to leave to relieve the nurse at 6:45Pm.  Jason took Joy around.  Liz and Jes got to play and have fun.  They loved the Trunk or Treat – they got so much candy!  They even shared some lollipops with Bella when they got home.  She was happy about that!

photo (12)photo (13)photo (14)photo (16)photo (17)

Saturday Linda took Lizzy to her soccer game while Jason, Joy, Bella, Alex, and I drove down twon to visit with some friends who were in town visiting.  We were delighted to finally meet in person our blog friends, Joyce and Sarah Ely.

photo (7)IMG_1910IMG_1911

After we got home, we headed over to the Hecker’s Annual Halloween Party.  It is always so much fun and we are so grateful we get invited!  Sammi made that belt from duck tape!  I was able to stay with Bella until the grill got started to cook the hot dogs.  I’m so glad she got to go and watch everyone!  She loves that!  Joy had a blast!

photo (18)photo (21)photo (22)photo (20)photo (19)

oh this picture…Bella had just finished watching Miss Rachel from Signing Time singing the wash hands song, so she was washing her hands in the dog’s water bowl (ick, yuck), but she was saying over and over again, “happy, happy, happy.”  Sweet girl.  I’m so glad she is happy and so glad she can tell me she’s happy!


It was the week of standardized testing for Bec – she had to take exit TAKS – all subjects Monday through Thursday and then the ACT on Saturday. 

Saturday night Becca and I headed out to Urgent Care.  She was having difficulty breathing.  Turns out she has croup.  Sunday, while her family was at Stake Conference, she sat on the couch doing Indexing.  It’s so simple now.  We love it!

oct 28 012