Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Week

Brother broke his first tooth last week!  He is working furiously to pop six more . 

oct 21 001IMG_1743

Sammi made us all cupcakes, but left them unfrosted.  That way everyone could choose if they wanted frosting and if so, how much.  It reminded me of a fondue pot.  :) 

Brother is getting so big – he has enough core strength now to be in an excersaucer.  Love it!IMG_1710IMG_1711

Becca is loving her dance class – who would have ever thought?  She is even thinking of adding a Dance Minor to her Music Education Major – she was joking she’ll be able to teach General Music, Choir, Band, Orchestra, and Dance.  How is that for being diversified?

Joy working on riding her trike.  She was doing really well – until she had a fall.  Her little face is still healing.


Bella, not to be left out, is also working :)  And Brother working on sitting.  Without seeing, he has to find this new center of gravity in his body.  He is such a trooper!IMG_1719IMG_1721

Becca is now the teacher of four young violinists.  She loves teaching them.  She is holding her treat box.  Fun stuff in there!           Bella adores Alex!            Music therapy fun!


The girls playing Rummikub, doing homework together, and hanging out.


Joy and Sammi on the Nintendo.  Lizzy and Bella rolling around on the ground.IMG_1742IMG_1744

Bella’s teacher doing crafts – notice Bella is sitting on her hands so she doesn’t have to touch it!      And then this envelope – oh my goodness!  Becca went to the Senior Meeting.  It’s time to order her cap and gown- already?  I’m not sure I am ready!


Playing outside


Joy pushing Brother                               His new high chair – now that he is getting more control over his trunk, it’s time for the high chair.  We have to work on getting him upright so he’ll be ready to start working on eating solid food as his teeth come in.  I’ve been reading about how to introduce food and eating to blind children.  1st step is sitting!


Dinner time – the three littles, plus the four big ones, plus Jason and I – busy times!

And I love this!  Alex figured out how to use that binky as a chew toy – insert thumb and now he can gnaw wherever he wants.  What a smart boy!


Sammi’s science experiment – these have been so cool to watch!  Sammi is working on moecules.  Lizzy’s experiment was about calcium and how it makes bones strong.  We soaked two chicken bones – one in vinegar and one in water.    The one on the left is still straight and was in water.  The one on the right was soaked in vinegar and has flopped over.   Very cool!


Cool stink bug                         Working on sitting


Friday night we went out and watched Hotel Transylvania!

photo (9)

Jessi is already singing “Daddy’s Girl.”

Becca and Sammi made us a pancake breakfast for our busy Saturday.  Then it was off to Soccer – Bella loved it!  And then to dance for Joy.  And finally Nathan birthday party at Main Event.

IMG_1772IMG_1780IMG_1789IMG_1809oct 21 012oct 21 013

Becca loved how she and Joy match!  Becca and Joy in front of a sculpture downtown.

IMG_1824oct 21 015

Happy 11th Birthday Nathan – everyone had so much fun!

photo (11)photo (15)

Thought I would include a couple of videos we made.  We asked Jessi to play her region songs.  Considering she’s only been playing since May, we are pleased.  There is a lot of background noise added from Joy and Bella.  Joy wanted to play too!  For some reason they start off really soft.

A look into the craziness of our lives – Becca on the computer, the dog whining in the background, and the girls on the piano!  Followed by Bella’s turn at last.

Oh – and I think Becca has picked a college!  She and Uncle Bob have written an article for the New Era about it – we’ll see if they like it.

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