Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Day 4–My Favorite Day!

We drove up into the Smoky Mountain National Park.  We stopped at the visitors center and bought a ridiculously expensive book about the Park.  We wanted to make sure and have some beautiful pictures of the Park in case ours didn’t turn out.

We drove and drove and drove along and finally I had to tell Jason to STOP – I had to get out!  I had to be down there!  I needed to climb on some rocks!  (And yes, I heard my Dad’s voice in my head telling me (or was it Cyndi?  :)  )  to be careful!)

I haven’t felt this ALIVE in years – at least four years!  It was exhilarating!  I have to go back.  There is a longing deep in my bones. 

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There are small little walkaways off of the roads – they are just little trails leading off.  I was able to go on one.  I loved it!  Heaven – walking through those silent woods.  The peace seeping into my soul.

I loved these baby trees growing out of a root sticking out of the ground.  My trail.

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I found a hill and wandered up to discover a cemetery.  It was fascinating to read the names and dates of people who had actually lived and breathed in these mountains.  I grieved for the babies and young children and wondered at the lives of the adults.  Such a peaceful setting.

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We stopped for a picnic lunch in Eden!  Everything tastes wonderful with a view like that!

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We drove over a one mile, one way, gravel road to check out the old school.  I marveled at that school.  These families who had so few material possessions banded together and built a school.  Those old schools with only bits of chalk, small blackboards, and little primers produced a higher educated people than we produce today with all of our technology and fancy buildings.  And yet…several of my children would not have been welcomed in this school.  Interesting to identify the emotions that danced across my heart as I pondered this old building.

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The poor kids – they spent most of their time in their car seats.  It’s hard to go rock climbing with a four year old that can’t stand up or walk or with a 9 month old!  So they were delighted at the times they got out.  Generally, during the whole trip, we took turns.  I would go do something and Jason would stay with the kids.  And then we’d flip.  I’d stay with the kids, while he did something!  A great way to spend our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I think it definitely says something about us and our life though ;)



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    Can you feel my happiness?IMG_0465

I just remember feeling ALIVE here – every cell was awake and happy!


Wild turkeys

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