Saturday, October 06, 2012

Jason and I’s Trip, Day 1

We picked up the car and started out.  We had to stop at Wal-Mart for all the little things we forgot, and then we were off.  Our first stop was in Louisiana  - fried alligator and fried oysters!  Bella did so well in the restaurant with a band playing and everything.  I was so worried and she had no problems!


Louisiana has its own beauty – Henderson swamp here, large bridge to avoid the swamp here.  Baton Rouge is a cute little town, but other than that, I was happy to drive through.DSC01078DSC01079

The kids were so good and weren’t complaining (yet) about the car seats


Couple of fun things:  My love of maps got to be revived and this separate temperature control was wonderful!  I tell Jason all the time – in heaven we will have the same temperature – until then this separate temp control was awesome!


In the hotel and free of car safety restraints! 

Couple of funny comments from that day: “Your baby has a cord hanging from her.” “Yes she does.” Bewildered waitress walks away confused.

Got asked if the kids were twins.

We were quite the sight walking into the hotel.  I was holding both of the kids and Jason was pulling the luggage cart laden with four suitcases, two porta cribs, oxygen tank, and all of Bella’s stuff, plus our odds and ends.  Fun times!

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