Monday, October 08, 2012

Day 3

This was our day to be tourists.  We shopped at the Carter’s outlet, ducking here and there to avoid all of the smokers.  Yes, I hate cigarette smoke, but Bella just CANNOT be around it. Period.  We enjoyed a great steak lunch at the Alamo Stake restaurant  (We thought that was funny.  They were trying so hard to be Texan.) 


IMG_1828Then we drove up into Gatlinburg for the Arts and Crafts loop. The drive was beautiful! I bought a Rebekah pitcher from Alewine Pottery. There I met a woman named Ronda who is 50 years old and has Down syndrome. Talking to her and her Mom, my eyes filled with tears as I was consumed with missing my Joy.



They are literally smoky mountains – there are always low laying clouds sitting on the mountains.



Playing in the hotel room and on the patio

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For dinner we went next door to Bullfish for trout and French Onion Soup.


There Bella saw her first fire.  It was gas and completely enclosed so there was no smoke.IMG_0449

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