Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bella’s Surgery

Oh my goodness – we have waited for this day for years!  They warned us we might be in the hospital for three days.  So I made sure we were ready – three buckets of meals, three buckets of clothes for Joy and Alex.  I know Jason and the girls can do it, but I’m the Mama, and worrying is what I do best.  And then I prayed.  I’ve done everything I can, please watch over them – and this wonderful peace settled over me.  How grateful an anxious heart is for peace!


Sweet girl – she is the embodiment of the verse “even as a child doth submit to his father.”  She just takes everything that is thrown at her and she keeps going.


Dr jacks made her cast cute with two tulips.   Those pieces of hardware where inside my baby’s knee!!


In the hospital


Working with PT, sitting up, and heading home!


Her sweet teachers sent home such a fun card!     Love ya big girl!  May you dance!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

What a Week!

The sweet family that watched our dogs while we were gone to the mountains, emailed a couple of times.  They made a point of always mentioning Husky.  This little voice said in my mind, you should ask them.  So awkwardly, I emailed and asked if they would consider adopting our sweet Husky.  They asked lots of questions and then took him on for a trial week.  They have had two Husky dogs before and so are familiar with the breed and their needs.  They have a lot more land than we do.  And most importantly, no one is allergic to dogs at their house!  Sweet Lizzy went with me to drop him, his crate, and his food off.  She was sad.  He did well and they have decided to keep him.  Husky is such a good dog.  I hope he will be happy!


Bella started the week out with a trip to Dr. Jacks, an orthopedist.  Bella’s leg is finally straight, so it’s time to remove the eight plate in her knee.  Dr. Jacks also felt that we should get that patella into place. So on the 27th we’ll head to the hospital and tackle that.  Our PT came with us to this appointment.  I was thankful that she would do that.  Bella, of course, was freaking out to be in a doctor’s office.  I tried to make it up to her with pizza!

Fall is so beautiful here!


I sent this in an email message, so instead of re-wording the experience:

Joy and I took Patches (she calls her Puppy) to the vet last night after yet another bout of bloody diarrhea. Patches is 18 years old, has bad cataracts on both eyes and having problems with bowel control. The vet said it was time, so we put Patches to sleep. It was heartbreaking.  Mama cried.

We buried Patches in the backyard.  Joy is very, very confused. She keeps asking where Patches is and if the doctor made her better with her shot.

What have we been telling her?

Patches was very sick. No, Patches did get better.

We even tried….Patches went to live with Jesus, but she just doesn’t understand.

Death is a hard concept for children, period.  Add in a cognitive delay and…


It felt so weird to walk around the house.  Patches died in my arms.

I was thankful this was in my feed a few days later:

In one week, we went from two dogs to none. Sad, happy for Husky, heartbroken to have an animal died in my hands, so many different emotions.

And then Wednesday: This girl loves her dance class! Then Bella and I raced over to a beautiful Catholic church in downtown Louisville.


Sammi had an all day field trip culminating with a concert in the evening.  I was so proud of her.  Last year she had a panic attack and had to leave during the morning.  This year she made it all the way through! (she didn’t want me to film any of the songs, but I couldn’t help myself!  She said how good can it be after only one day?)


Thursday Lizzy had auditions for All County Orchestra.  Again she tried out for a year above – so as a 7th grader, she auditioned for the 8th Grade Orchestra.  (One of the benefits of being so behind in blogging, we now have the results…..), she made it, AND she made First Chair!  Way to go Lizzy!!!

After that we immediately ran to the church.  Thursday was the night of Lizzy’s Modest Fashion Show.  She planned it all, organized it all, everything, for one of her projects for Personal Progress.  It was a great night.  Her decorations were cute.  The speaker did an excellent job.  The YW had fun modeling.  The Activity Day girls had fun watching.  I was so proud of her!



Friday night Lizzy and her friend went to the temple to do Baptisms.  Love seeing my girls in the House of the Lord!

Saturday Jason attended Stake Auxillary Training while the rest of us attended the Council on Developmental Disabilities' Fall Family Festival.  We had a wonderful time!


In the afternoon, Jason and I went for a bike ride.  It is so beautiful in Kentucky!  Cameras just can’t capture it!


So, it was a week – that’s for sure.  So many highs and two pretty big lows.  Life!