Monday, October 05, 2015

General Conference and my birthday in the Smoky Mountains!!

The kids had Friday, Monday and Tuesday off of school.  They call it Fall Break.  It just so happens that it was also General Conference weekend and my birthday!  So we rented a cabin and had a wonderful time!

Jason got me a clock for my birthday.  How I love it.  When my Grandma passed away, I got her clock that sat on her mantle.  Destructo Boy got to it, so Jason replaced it.  It plays the same song.  I love it!


We started our trip out with doughnuts (too bad they don’t know about kolaches here in Kentucky!)


Joy was more than happy to help us move in to our “new house.”


I love it in the mountains!!  I feel so reverent and peaceful out there, surrounded by nature. It’s such a spiritual experience for me


Up to Cades Cove- yes, we saw a real live bear!  Sammi loved all of the old houses.  She told us all about them – how they were built, what each building was used for.


Crazy turkey – then he took off running down the road!


Lots of deer out


The girls (and Jason) loved the hot tub!


The pool table


Our beautiful cabin, it was so private – I loved that!


My walks between sessions of conference.  How I love it there!



Becca and Blake drove up and joined us.  Love that they are close enough to do that!


It was my birthday!  And Becca and Blake surprised me with this amazing chocolate cake!


Amazing birthday dinner


Our first bon fire in seven years!  Who would have thought Bella would EVER be able to sit near a fire?


Headed home…I LOVE the mountains!!  I will be back, I promise!


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Sandi T said...

SO Beautiful! I can see why you loved it so much. Fun!