Sunday, March 27, 2011

Back to the Grindstone

My favorite kind of pictures – me catching my children being children: playing with dolls, coloring with chalk, making pretend soup, swinging and having a tea party, watching TV from a box, and painting.


march 27 001


Monday Bella and I spent at the hospital. 


Sammi and I went on our Azalea Ride.  We rode our bikes through the neighborhood, stopping and taking pictures of the azaleas.  Then we had lunch at the park.  Sammi thought I was trying to kill her.  She has never gone that many miles before.  I love Houston in the Spring!



Bella loves Signing Time!  I got her two new DVDs.  Very exciting!  Lizzy got to go to Activity Days.  They went to our local fine arts museum – there was candy involved afterwards.


IMG_2402Thursday was Jason’s 41st birthday.  On Tuesday night we went out to Texas Land and Cattle for his birthday dinner.  They know how to make steak there!  On Thursday Jason had his dinner at home, followed by strawberry shortcake (of course).  That night Becca had a Pre-UIL Orchestra Concert that we attended, but BYU was playing….hmm… while we were waiting that Ipad and some headphones were very useful!

Happy Birthday Jason!  I love you!


IMG_2405march 27 010IMG_20110322_183557IMG_20110322_184635

At Joy’s school

march 27 003march 27 002

Running an errand to pick up white t-shirts for field day, we popped into Michael’s.  Not being a crafty person, I avoid that store like the plague.  We were pushing our cart through the store, hunting for cheap t-shirts when we passed the floral department.  A happy squeal erupted from Sammi and she took off and started making bouquets.  It was there I realized I am neglecting part of this child’s education.  I went off and finished my shopping and came back to find that Sammi had created four separate arrangements.  Gotta figure out how to allow her to express herself some more.

march 27 008march 27 007

The single biggest time eater this week was Young Women.  We had a huge garage sale on Saturday.  We held it at our elementary school.  We had so much stuff.  Wednesday, for YW, we meet where everything was being stored and sorted through everything.  Friday night we loaded everything onto trailers.  Saturday at 6am we meet at the school while the trailers brought all the stuff.  Then we unloaded and displayed everything.  Let’s just say that Sammi and I were exhausted by the time we had closed down the sale and hauled all the leftovers off to NAM. (and I closely resemble a lobster).  That evening Sammi and I went to the General YW Broadcast from Salt Lake City.  It was really good, but I think I would have gotten more out of it if I hadn’t been so tired!

IMG_2410march 27 014

Meanwhile the rest of the family was busy too.  Jessi went with her Girl Scout troop to Trash Bash.  They cleaned up the bayous beside our local parks.  She won a metal water bottle there.  I am getting pictures from her GS leader that I’ll post.  That evening her troop had a sleepover where they worked on the camping and star gazing badges.  Jason picked her up at 10 pm.  She had a very fun day.

Lizzy helped Sammi and I at the garage sale and then went home and helped Daddy.  They ordered the kiddi cushion mulch to go under the swing set – all four cubic yards of it.  Jason filled his little fence right up.  It looks so nice!IMG_2411IMG_2412IMG_2413IMG_2415IMG_2419

Where was Becca this weekend?  She left on Friday at 11AM for State Latin Competition.  She got back on Saturday at 11PM.  She had fun and it sounds like she placed in at least one event.  Congrats Bec!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Song on my Mind

As we pray and try so hard to find Little Brother, this song was on my mind this morning.

Lead Me Into Life Eternal

Lead me into life eternal

By the gospel's holy call

Let thy promise rest upon me;

Grant me ready strength for all.


Father, all my heart I give thee;

All my service shall be thine

Guide me as I search in weakness;

Let thy loving light be mine.


Hear me as I pray in meekness;

Let my strength be as thy day.

Give me faith, the greater knowledge;

Father, bless me as I pray.

             -John A Widtsoe

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Playing, watching TV, Art Club, watching BYU basketball, Sonic, eating, swinging, working on driver’s ed, seeing Kris, getting a new bike for Jessi, shopping, and more playing – that was our Spring Break.  “The best Spring Break ever!” according to Lizzy.

Jason and I got to finally go to the temple together on Friday night!march 20 009march 20 012march 14 033march 14 032march 20 015march 20 017march 20 018march 20 019IMG_1879IMG_18843-16-11 016IMG_1870IMG_1910IMG_18943-16-11 019IMG_1878IMG_1900IMG_1906

We went over to Mercer Arboretum where we had a picnic and played then went over and admired the flowers.

3-16-11 0213-16-11 0223-16-11 0233-16-11 0253-16-11 0303-16-11 0333-16-11 0363-16-11 0383-16-11 0473-16-11 0493-16-11 0463-16-11 0483-16-11 0433-16-11 0503-16-11 0513-16-11 0573-16-11 0583-16-11 0613-16-11 0913-16-11 1283-16-11 1623-16-11 1833-16-11 247

On Saturday we drove out to Brenham.  We played at the Fireman’s Park there (we meet Cyndi and Mama there years ago).  We had a picnic there.  Then we went over to Blue Bell and had ice cream.  There weren’t many wildflowers out this year, but Jason got some great close ups.