Friday, March 04, 2011


I don’t have the best memory.  Yes, I love to quote scriptures and hymns and movies, but I don’t remember a lot of memories.  I tend to live in the moment.  That’s why I write everything down and blog a lot.  But lately, I’ve been remembering – and it’s been cool.

We were riding bikes.  The weather was perfect, not something you often say in Houston.  We rode past a house with their sprinklers on – and it hit me.  The smell of the water on the non-humid air and I was little again.  I was running through the sprinklers at my Grandma’s house in my bathing suit.  Sheer joy.  She used to sit on the front steps and use this metal stick to turn the sprinklers on.  She had chicken cactuses.  Good memory.

I saw an old, old car covered in mondo mud (or whatever they call that stuff) and I was in the garage with my Dad working on an old car.  We were trying to restore it.  Whatever happened to that car?  I also used to eat these sausage biscuits that were individually frozen.  They were stored in the big freezer out in the garage next to the old car.  You had to be careful and microwave them for exactly the right amount of time.  They were perfect, but if you microwaved them too long – they were cardboard.  Ick!

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