Sunday, March 06, 2011

Our Week

Linda comes for Sunday dinner.  We all love that she comes and spends time with us.  About Lizzy’s house coat:  it was Linda’s mother’s.   It is green.  She loves it.  She wears it every single day!

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Sammi’s creations – she found a teeny, tiny little book someone had and made a whole set – those are Harry Potter books, paper and ink well.  My beautiful Bella, outside!  She has to have breathing treatments afterwards, but she LOVES being outside.

march 1 119march 1 126

“You caught me!”  Bella with ketchup on her face.  What kid doesn’t love ketchup?

Kris came for Family Home Evening.  We loved having her with us.  We will be sad when she and Jacob head back up to Idaho, although they will be thrilled!march 1 132march 1 138

Linda finished her Cake Decorating class on Monday.  She brought over the cake for our refreshments.

march 1 139march 1 140

After all of the hard work and expense that this garden has been, I have to admit that I have been terrified to plant the seeds (spiritual analogy anyone?).  You see there are these amazing little squirrels in our back yard.  Squirrels who think that just because they live in the trees, sleep in the trees, play in the yard, eat anything and everything they can find, and use anything that we happen to leave outside for nesting material, that our garden also belongs to them.  I worry that they will just eat the whole thing up (look!  Our humans left us a salad bar – no charge!).  They did last year.  But I did it -  I planted my seeds.  I have plan that involve PVC pipe and netting if things get out of hand.  We’ll see.march 1 142march 1 155

One thing about me and Houston is that I love Spring here.  The weather is perfect.  I spend too much money on landscaping and have grand plans in the Spring.  Then the heat of the summer hits and I don’t want to be anywhere near outside, so I stay in.  And my poor plants wilt because they don’t have the water they need.  Water them.  Sure.  Every day move the sprinkler and water.  Then move the sprinkler to the next part of the yard.  Repeat until you have covered the entire property.  I try, really.  But it takes hours, every day and I’m very, very busy.  So my wonderful husband bought me this!  A sprinkler system for my garden – it even has a timer.  I don’t even have to go outside!!!  Too cool!march 1 158march 1 160march 1 162march 1 165

That swing is getting lots of use!

march 1 167march 1 159

Sammi and I went for a Spring Hike and Picnic – very fun!march 3 014march 3 044march 3 047march 3 057march 3 060march 3 090march 3 099march 3 111march 3 114march 3 116march 3 117

Friday afternoon Sammi had her friend over for a Tea Party.  They had cucumber sandwiches, mini muffins, hot chocolate, and dishes of ice cream.  When they were done, Jessi and Lizzy helped to make sure there were no leftovers.  Friday night, Jessi and Lizzy decided to camp out in the living room.002017019023

Saturday we had no nurse, so Joy and I stayed home to play with Bella.  Meanwhile everyone else went to see Nathan’s Opening Game (it was very cold!) and then over to Itz for food and fun. 



Then Jessi had her last cookie booth!  We are done with Girl Scout Cookies!

march 6 012march 6 015

Other big things we got done this week – We finished our taxes which were crazy complicated this year.  Of course the only time I had time to work on them was at night, so I couldn’t read straight!  Jason and I sat down on Tuesday at 8:30 PM and at 12:30AM on Wednesday they were done!  So grateful he helped me.  Usually I just do them myself.  But trying to figure out all of that IRS-ese was killing me this year.  They are finished.  All of our employer stuff is finished.  I never want to be an employer again!  We attended another adoption class on Thursday night.  We turned in all of our paperwork – they want everything you could possible imagine.  Thursday the Fire Marshall is coming for the Fire Inspection and I have to finish up our life book.    I’m hoping I’m about done with the paperwork end of this.  Bella had two appointments and Sammi enjoyed Art Club.  Overall a good week.

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