Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Playing, watching TV, Art Club, watching BYU basketball, Sonic, eating, swinging, working on driver’s ed, seeing Kris, getting a new bike for Jessi, shopping, and more playing – that was our Spring Break.  “The best Spring Break ever!” according to Lizzy.

Jason and I got to finally go to the temple together on Friday night!march 20 009march 20 012march 14 033march 14 032march 20 015march 20 017march 20 018march 20 019IMG_1879IMG_18843-16-11 016IMG_1870IMG_1910IMG_18943-16-11 019IMG_1878IMG_1900IMG_1906

We went over to Mercer Arboretum where we had a picnic and played then went over and admired the flowers.

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On Saturday we drove out to Brenham.  We played at the Fireman’s Park there (we meet Cyndi and Mama there years ago).  We had a picnic there.  Then we went over to Blue Bell and had ice cream.  There weren’t many wildflowers out this year, but Jason got some great close ups.


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