Sunday, March 07, 2010

Friday to Sunday

march 5 004


On Friday my Dad and Nathan came down to give Sammi some pointers for Softball.  Mama and Mandy came along.  It was a really nice visit.Mar 7 002



One of the nurses is taking the missionary discussions.  What a blessing that is!  I loved this picture!


Spring is here!  With Spring comes the innate desire to clean and organize.  Saturday’s project – the garage!

 Mar 7 006 Mar 7 007

While we cleaned the kids created a beach resort in the back yard.  They have the BEST imaginations!

Mar 7 005 Mar 7 013

Two new trees – a tulip tree, otherwise known as an Alexander Magnolia or a Southern Magnolia and a Dwarf Peach Tree.  We had one of these in Katy and loved the leaves!

Mar 7 016 Mar 7 017 Mar 7 024


Sammi had two games on Saturday.  She is working so hard and putting her whole heart and soul into her game. Mar 7 032




Sweet baby Bell during HME time on Sunday – love those times!

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