Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To the women staring out of the window in the hospital across the street

I look out the window and I see you standing there looking over the rooftops as I am.  Are you, like me, taking a second from watching your loved one struggle?  Are you sending up secret prayers hoping for yet another miracle?  Praying for strength that you can be the mother this child needs not the crazed PTSD woman you really are on the inside?  Are you wondering how long will your loved one have to suffer?  And admitting to yourself, with guilt, that it means you also must suffer?  Are you seeking for just a moment of peace in this sea of agony?  I pray for you dear mother as you are called upon to walk beside a brave fighter.  May He bless you with peace, with wisdom when the doctors ask you to make decisions, and nights free of guilt and second guessing yourself.  I pray the same for myself.  God be with us both. And God bless our brave warriors.

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