Thursday, May 03, 2018

Just Another Day at the Turpin House

We were exposed to a confirmed case of Whooping Cough (pertussis).  So after consulting with our doctor, we felt only three needed to be tested to see if they caught it.  To the hospital we must go.


After taking care of that and getting them all started on preventative meds, Sammi and I went for a walk.  The weather is beautiful.  Spring is here.  (Jessi’s allergies are killing her)  I am amazed at the beauty of wildflowers (or weeds if they are growing in your yard.)


We also attended Lizzy’s last school Orchestra concert.  They were amazing!  I am so proud of her work this year!  She got first chair (or principal player) for viola.  She was accepted into Chamber and Phil for next year.  She is doing so well.  (She had a solo!!)


I think she liked the stop at Comfy Cow afterwards Smile

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Debra Ball said...

Good job, Lizzy. Sorry we weren't there.