Saturday, May 02, 2009

Long Time Ago, Far, Far Away

  The year was 1977.  The location was somewhere in a strange place called Colorado.  A little 7 year old boy waited anxiously in line to watch the amazing Star Wars.  Little did he know that as he collected action figures (yes, he still has these!)image and pretended his idle hours away, that he was altering his genetic make-up and one day in the distant future he would be forced to live through his childhood obsession again – but this time through the lives of his children!May 1 007

While I have been gone, my children have discovered and become obsessed with Star Wars.  Everything is Star Wars!  Their games.  Their explanations (antibodies are like Jedi fighting the Sith.)  They have made their own light sabers.  They have made all the characters out of clay.  You should hear Jessi’s Yoda impersonation.  They are driving me crazy – I have had to declare Star Wars free weekends!

Here is the latest and greatest.  I have included it for your enjoyment.  It is their own version of this:


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Kathie said...

They are so very silly!! Star Wars? How did they find it, get into it?