Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Two Weeks

This two weeks the painters/repairmen have been here.  CRAZY is an understatement!

Becca’s naps on the sofa are back!           Poor kids – sleeping in the living room


Therapy continues (mostly) I did have to cancel a couple of times because there just wasn’t anywhere to do it!


This picture just makes me feel ….sad, tender, I’m not sure.  I’ve loved being a Texan!

Jumping on the trampoline with Strawberry Shortcake. Becca loves her kitten!!


Strawberries are coming from the garden!       Finally – I got my kitchen back!


Bathing the kitten


Teacher appreciation week – chocolate chip banana bread and hand soup for all of the teachers and aids.


Klein High School Pop Show for Choir.  Sammi has loved choir this year!

Her Group’s Number

Saying good-bye to the Seniors

Beautiful sunset


Joy putting Daddy to bed :)     Doughnut!!


Becca helped Lizzy finish up her science fair project.  So grateful it is over – so many projects and my house is all torn up – yuck!


Mother’s Day!


This map has been on our bathroom mirror for a long, long time.  It’s hard to see but there are red stars for the children’s hospitals, gold stars for temples, and then we started looking for preschools/schools for the blind.  It also had cost of living comparison and how much snow fall the area received.  And out of the entire USA we are headed to Kentucky – crazy!


Sleeping where ever she can.  Joy helping Daddy pack a box.  Hanging out


Sisters                                                   Husky, Grace, and Bell


This is where we have been eating and living – my room!


Becca and her kitty                 Swinging in the backyard


Youth Beach Trip at Surfside Beach – Alex’s first time.  He loved it!


Jack in the Box

We took the Sutherlands out to dinner to thank Jay for helping us repair our exhaust fan. Super yummy!

photo 3

photo 4photo 5

Daddy took the girls out for ice cream

photo 1 (3)photo

Let’s just say it’s been a stressful month with all of the renovations going on.  There were a couple of days we just couldn’t be at home during the day.  Alex, Bella, and I would just hang out in the car. I decided we needed to spend a little time in the temple parking lot where I could just breathe and feel the calmness of the beautiful temple.  Thankful it’s here!  We had cute Zachary for a couple of hours one of those days.  He is so cute!


Out to eat at Rico’s with my family – such prefect timing!  Since we had no kitchen, it was great to see family and have a great dinner too!

IMG_4046IMG_4047IMG_4049IMG_4051photo 3 (4)

Cute Alex and Becca – if you rub the binky against his teeth, he laughs and laughs.  He thinks that is so funny!

Lizzy went with 5th Grade Strings to ITZ – she had a great time!


Lizzy had her 5th Grade Strings performance at her school.  Becca came and helped the Director.  Watching them, I was so proud.  Of Lizzy for learning so much this year.  Of Bec, that she loves this world and knows exactly what to do.  I think she has chosen her profession well.  This week she also figured out how to make that five year college plan fit into three years.  Two years from now she plans to graduate.  That girl! 

photo (2)photo (3)photo (4)

Boba run with Becca


Returning the viola (sniff!)  Have to get a new one in Kentucky!  Meeting little Ethan Wilkinson.  Babies are so cute!




     Shopping at 11 o’clock last night, Jessi and I were a bit delirious, but this will be something we will miss from Texas – crawfish!  :)

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