Friday, December 23, 2011

Turpin Time


dec 23 004dec 23 018

Working on Sammi’s science experiments

dec 23 005dec 23 006dec 23 007dec 23 012dec 23 036

Bearkat Pride Award for Becca from her Chemistry teacher.  She was the only one that made an A on a certain test in all of her periods.  Pretty cool.   Lizzy is delighted because Santa wrote back!

dec 23 014dec 23 015

Caroling and looking at lights for Family Home Evening.  More outside fun – investigating tree bark and the trampoline (Bella loved it!)

dec 23 016dec 23 017dec 23 044

Tuesday night was Becca’s Orchestra Concert.  I got there a little late (nursing shift change), but I got there before she performed! 

Jason loves this first one – the choir is amazing!

Sammi and Daddy sewing – Sam made this little bag and Jason used an old shirt to make Clara, the cat, a stocking.

dec 23 042dec 23 040

One thing I love about Sammi is how she always adds a flair to everything she does – like arranging the taco shells as a flower.         Sammi started Chiropractic adjustments for her scoliosis and constant headaches. It seems to be helping. The doctor says it’s amazing how quickly young muscles and bones can adjust. Yeah for relief!

dec 23 055Dec 23 064

Bella’s Cardiology appointment The beautiful Becca

Dec 23 080Dec 23 085


Teachers gifts and class parties on Friday!

Dec 23 062IMG_3556


The park – I have loved the Fall Foliage this year!

Dec 23 068Dec 23 071Dec 23 073Dec 23 075

Everyone else had school parties – so did Sammi.  We went to Panera for lunch.

Dec 23 093Dec 23 094

Jessi came home on the last day with her new 5th Grade shirt.  Friday was also my Dad’s birthday.  We made him a Longhorn blanket.

Dec 23 098Dec 23 101

Saturday we went to the Nutcracker with Grandma, Mandy, Kathie, and Katie.  Dinner first at Sweet Tomato.

Dec 23 103Dec 23 107

On Sunday we went to a nursing home where the kids performed and we all sang.  Afterwards we all went to Kathie’s and decorated sugar cookies.


With school out, we had more time on our hands, Becca and I did this puzzle – much harder than it looks!  And this – a small plumbing problem.  The nurses came in one night and said that water was bubbling up through the center of the road.  We called the water company.  Turns out a pipe burst under the road.  Crazy stuff!  Poor guys were out there working on Christmas Eve!

dec 23 108dec 23 109dec 23 114IMG_6715

Monday was Jason and I’s 19th Wedding Anniversary.  Nineteen years of marriage on December the 19th!  We went out and enjoyed some seafood and then went Christmas shopping.


dec 23 105And in sad news, Linda had to go to the hospital.  Her appendix had to be removed.  While she was there, her dog, Summer, came to stay with us.






Danielle and her kids dropped by – we had to capture the moment!dec 23 092

Becca working on her Latin Project. The front turned out really nice.

dec 23 065dec 23 067dec 23 089

Becca went with TFME (Texas Future Music Educators) to play Christmas music at a nursing home. Then they went to CiCi’s for pizza! Her two great loves!

Sammi had some friends over to play on the Wii. I love this picture – Lizzy is using two controls. So she has to dance for two different people. Funny to watch.

dec 23 050dec 23 051dec 23 052

More friend Wii time                                       Swinging!

dec 23 076dec 23 079

Heading out to play at the park and have a picnic! Sleeping on Daddy

dec 23 048dec 23 049

Just hanging out


Merry Christmas!


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