Sunday, December 04, 2011

Our Week

Jason promised his parents wings, so after church, it was wings and football.   Sammi wondered how the leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Wings would be in wing sauce.  The answer – yummy!


A freeze in Houston?  We had to protect my tomatoes!    Joy really loves her Grandpa!


Pictures that make a Mom’s heart happy.  Sammi loves to give gifts, but she never has any money.  We tell her she doesn’t need to, that it’s not expected at this age, but she wants to.  Grandma Turpin took her to Target where she spent all of her birthday money from her Grandparents on gifts for us – her family, and now she is happy.   Joy helping me with laundry.  Thanks babe.  Meanwhile Bella and I spent the day downtown talking with GI.


Tuesday was Bella’s Music Therapy eval – I’m so excited about Music Therapy!  The girls impromptu concert on the stairs during their practice time.  Loved it!


Wednesday Sammi’s Drawing Teacher gave her a birthday gift – she was very excited.  Physical Therapy with the nativity scene – whatever motives her!


Lizzy and I went to see the eye doctor.  Lizzy has a convergence issue.  She and I will be doing vision therapy.                           Cute Joy!

 December 6 042December 6 044

Young Women in Excellence was on Wednesday.   I had to get there late with nursing changes, but it was a lovely evening.  There was a dinner and short program followed by a slide show of the activities we did all year.  I had never made a power point presentation before, but it turned out nice.  We even set it to music!   That was fun!  A good learning experience for me. 

Sammi with one of the ice cream cakes the Beehives made and then cute Joy after everything was over.  She is talking on the microphone like she saw everyone else do.

December 6 048December 6 050

Have I ever mentioned that my  life is scheduled around 14 therapy appointments a week?  They make for some fun times and great photos!


IMG_6339If she’s not at something to do with Orchestra, church, or school and not with her friends or on Facebook, then you will find Becca asleep!  It’s exhausting being a teenager!      



Friday was Sammi’s birthday party and Saturday was Becca’s.  Yes, that is about $80 in pizza between the two parties.

IMG_6343december 4 143

Saturday was also Lizzy’s last soccer game.   This girl loves soccer!

 December 6 056December 6 065

While at the game, Jessi was playing with the Coach’s youngest daughter and tripped on a soccer ball and hurt her wrist.  A trip to the ER later and we learn it is broken. 

December 6 069December 6 071

A few hours later, at the piano recital (big sigh), her teacher presented her and everyone applauded her efforts.  Poor thing!  Lizzy and Sammi played very well.  I thought it was kind – their piano teacher rearranged the order of everything so I could hear them.  We had no day nurse, so I couldn’t be there till 7:30 (almost at the end).  I was grateful.  About the terrible picture of Joy – she was so funny!  She loved the music.  She sat there with her hands folded, moving and softly singing to the songs.  Loved it!

december 4 166december 4 167december 4 170december 4 171

My pianists

december 4 173

We got treats from Germany!  Thanks Asia!

december 4 174december 4 175

Sammi and Lizzy got their new bed!  Sammi is loving the new mattress.  I’m hoping it helps her back!  This crazy girl had never used a coke machine.  So we had that life experience while I filled up the van this week.

december 4 178December 6 053

On Sunday everyone except Bella and I went to Marissa’s house for a Turpin get together.  They had a good time.  (no pictures, I should have sent the camera!)

Add to everything presidency meeting, extra Beehive activities to decorate the cakes, and Art Club and I think that about sums up our week.

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