Saturday, March 22, 2014

Our Week

We came back to real life – boo!

Meanwhile Sophie cat, the stray that kinda adopted us had her kittens on Tuesday!  Four kitties – one dark, three white.


Grace and Lizzy had fun washing my van!


Daddy got home and gave Joy a couple of feet worth of a “ride.”  She was in heaven!  She can’t ride with Daddy like the big girls can, so this was a huge treat!

Endocrine with Bella – doc was concerned she hasn’t grown of late.  Really?  You try almost dying and being NPO and we’ll talk about using your energy to grow.  Doctors!


For Speech Miss Amy made butterflies with the girls – Joy LOVED it, Bella HATED that icky white, sticky stuff!


Tuesday night Jason and I were able to go to the temple – together!


Jason ordered his birthday present.  A bag/storage thing for his bike.  Now he has a safe place for his Ipad when riding!


My sweet boy is getting braver in the backyard.


Because we are a crazy family!!


Sam headed out with Dad    Joy found her handy dandy notebook under the couch upstairs!IMG_8951IMG_8953

Outside wonderfulness – love Spring!


Joy went to ENT.  Her tubes are out of her eardrums.  Bummer!  She needs a hearing test and then we’ll see what to do.


Mutual – Battle of the Sexes – so fun!


Someone is so thrilled to be working on eating with utensils!   These two cuties!  The kittens are getting LOTS to attention around here!


We had a garage sale for a friend of mine that is trying to raise $14500 for an Autism Service Dog.  We raised $600.  Pretty good for a garage sale!


Daddy is loving this weather!


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