Monday, September 17, 2018

More Things That Make Me Happy!

Bella doesn’t completely lose it at doctor’s visits anymore!  Wahoo!!  Here she is telling me, “I”m a doctor!”

When my cookies look beautiful!


Finally finished by laundry room – painted, curtains, organized with shelves and baskets.  It’s the little things!

How incredibly awesome the boys’s school is!  The GI system totally tactile.  The outline of the body has even been traced with puff paint.  Kai’s was labeled in braille.


Sleeping babies                                   

When Jessi is home for the weekend, and my big girls are together – ahh!  Love scripture time!


Finding another food Kai likes – crepes.  “Yummy, yummy, so yummy!”


That my daughter finished nursing school!  And did awesome!!  While being married, having two kids, being pregnant, having a preemie, and having a yucky life altering auto immune disease!


When Kai will do anything that resembles play!

That the girls got to go to Camp Crooked Creek!


When my family is happy they found a fun dessert!

That we found this beautiful Monarch butterfly while out and about!


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