Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Week

Besides our romantic getaway, what else happened this week?

Mandy was admitted and then discharged from the hospital.  Yes, she is home now.  So grateful for that.  Nathan stayed with us and got to do school with Sammi.  We actually made it to piano lessons for the first time in over half a year – truly an accomplishment.

sept. 27 2009 002 sept. 27 2009 038

Joy and Bella had therapy nine times.  Joy had a swallow study.

sept. 27 2009 003



I did laundry (sorry, thought I would keep it real).  :)




There was lots of loving goin’ on.

 sept. 27 2009 013 sept. 27 2009 018 

And Jessi and Lizzy were both Student of the Week at school! sept. 27 2009 039

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