Thursday, September 24, 2009

Please Pray for Mandy

My little sister, Mandy, is in the hospital again.  Her leg just won’t heal and an infection has developed.  Yesterday they pulled some of the liquid out from her wound to test.  Infectious Disease doctors are now involved.  I love the ID team!  They work to figure out exactly what is growing in there and then exactly which antibiotics you need to be on.  Mandy is in good hands there.  Today they are doing an MRI to see if they can rule whether it is a bone infection or a skin infection.  She could use your prayers!

Nathan stayed with us from when Mama and Mandy headed to TCH until last night when Daddy flew in early and was able to pick him up.  Nathan is getting older!  He definitely notices the lack of testosterone in my home!  :)  He likes the Wii, though.  He would play that all day if I would let him.  Unfortunately, he has a mean big sister, who made him do school with Sammi and learn about the Code of Hammurabi and the importance of cats in Egyptian society, not to mention the correct way to build a pyramid!

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