Sunday, September 27, 2009

Romantic Get Away

Everyone has been after Jason and I to get away or take time for ourselves.  What they don’t realize is we can’t leave Bella without someone trained to care for her.  She has nurses, right?  Yes, but they have lives.  So, for example, when no nurse showed up on Thursday Becca couldn’t go to math tutoring.  If no nurse shows up, I am the nurse.  It’s just our life and we have to roll with the punches.  We make no firm plans and just always hope for the best!

This weekend, though, we paid a sitter and left for the weekend!  We were picked up by the finest in transportation.  We were chaperoned by four very nice people.  We were taken to accommodations outside of Austin.  We were served meals and slept in a bed that was not our own.  We were then picked up again by the same chaperons and transported home to find our children alive and well.  What more could a couple ask for?  ;)

sept. 27 2009 019


Saying good-bye before we take off






sept. 27 2009 023


One of those cheesy – self portrait pictures   





sept. 27 2009 024


Our cutest chaperon






sept. 27 2009 026


Our excellent accommodations






sept. 27 2009 036


Two more of our chaperons and a lovely view of our transportation – admit it, you are jealous!  :)




So, what was really going on?  To qualify for the MDCP Medicaid Waiver Program, Bella had to spend the night in a nursing home.  The EMTs picked us up and drove us out there.  We stayed in our room until 7 AM when they picked us up and drove us home.  Nursing homes make me sad, especially this one.  So many people that society has just forgotten.

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