Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Week Has Passed

People keep asking how the kids are adjusting to school.  They are doing fine and they are going to be fine.

We took the girls out to a movie on Friday night.  Bella, of course, stayed home with the nurse.  The girls in the car and then blinded by the flash from the camera.  :)

sept 13 002 sept 13 004


sept 13 007We bought popcorn and drinks. The girls bought candy.  It was a nice time out and away!








Sweet Bella, out of her room!

 sept 13 010sept 13 011

My sister Mandy had a clown birthday party this year!  We had a lot of fun!

sept 13 012 sept 13 013 sept 13 014 sept 13 015 sept 13 018 sept 13 019 sept 13 020 sept 13 021 sept 13 022 sept 13 023 sept 13 024


An amazing balloon hat!





sept 13 026 sept 13 027 sept 13 028 sept 13 029 sept 13 030 sept 13 031 sept 13 032   


Happy Birthday Mandy girl!!







Finally, I need to introduce the latest member of our family, Clara.  She was my brother-in-law Ben’s cat.  With their move to Germany, Clara found her way to us.  She is the perfect cat – no claws, so patient, and litter-box trained.  Happiness for us!

sept 13 041


asiaelizabeth said...

We love and miss you Clara! Thank you so much for giving her a good home. I feel confident she will get so much love she wont miss us!

Donna Leavitt said...

Looks like you found your camera. I am so glad to see lots of pics again!