Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday afternoon we went over to a park that Lizzy and I discovered.  It is so beautiful!


Monday Bella and I (no nurse) headed down to Texas Children’s Hospital for a sedated ABR ( a hearing test).  She did well.  As I drove away from the house, leaving Alex in Sammi and Lizzy’s care, I was so grateful that they are such good girls.  They know how to take care of each other and their younger siblings, and I am grateful!

Tuesday night was the High School Open House.  Becca had been at school with lessons and talking to Orchestra Directors all evening, so by the time she and I pulled up to the school and couldn’t find any parking, we decided to scrape the whole idea and went instead for yogurt!  Tasted pretty good!

Wednesday Lizzy came up Bec and I to YW.  She loved running around and playing – and the frog she discovered in the parking lot!

sept 16 002sept 16 004

Thursday both girls had activity days, while coordinating all the driving is difficult, they sure have a great time!

Thursday was the Orchestra’s Pot Luck.  The families bring food and enjoy dinner.  The Orchestra Directors have a captive audience to go over fees and scheduled activities.  Then the kids give a quick little concert.  An enjoyable evening!  Alex’s eyes are huge when the kids were playing! :)                                          The Blonde Violist

sept 16 014sept 16 016sept 16 017

This a short video that Jessi made of Becca.  You can’t even see her, but you can hear how good the Orchestra sounds! 

Friday Sammi and Lizzy had a Not Back to School Party with the homeschool group.  They made ice cream sundaes and had a book exchange.  Later that night Lizzy went to a tween home school party with another home school group.  Fun day for Liz!

Friday Jessi had a Region Workshop at Kleb Intermediate.  They have no school harps at Kleb which meant I had to bring Jessi’s harp – it’s not that heavy, just very, very big!  I might be small, but I am mighty….let’s just say there were a few raised eyebrows as I hauled that harp through the school.  I think I need to find a dolly before the next event!

sept 16 026

We are still passing the stomach bug around – I guess it takes a while to get through 9 people.  We started the week off with Alex , moved to Sammi, headed over to Bella, and finished the week off with me.  Fun, fun.


Cuteness – Joy and her Puppy!  Outside and reading a book, Our Singing Girl


Therapy – Joy wanted Jessi to share in the fun!    Brother working on sitting in his room.


Joy learning to ride her trike


Brother checking out Becca’s face.  He also like to feel Jason’s beard :)


Science experiments –   Sammi did a great experiment with oxygen and fire while Lizzy made an edible cell and then showing off the ER and ribosomes (tasty!)


Joy and I made Daddy’s favorite cookies which we enjoyed with pizza!IMG_0764IMG_0768IMG_0769

Bella loving on brother and Jessi loving on Bella


Saturday we bought new sofas – something we haven’t done since 1995!  Pretty big for us!  Everyone loves them – especially laying on them!


Our adorable babies – Bella was just about to hop in the bath looking like the Queen of the Universe with her specter and our sweet sleeping boy.


Random real life video by Lizzy

And finally a dose of Alex…

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