Sunday, February 01, 2015

Our Week

One of Joy’s many picnics.  She loves picnics!

2015-01-24 jan 29 002

Brother at OT/ST.  The all done bucket, swinging (he LOVES!), and working on eating new things!

2015-01-26 jan 29 0022015-01-26 jan 29 0042015-01-26 jan 29 005

Family Home Evening – we are working our way through The Family: A Proclamation.  For our activity, we each drew a member of our family and hung them all up.  All ten of us is kinda long, so we had to have two chains and hang it from the upstairs balcony.

2015-01-26 jan 29 0062015-01-26 feb 10 001

The kids that Jessi and Lizzy get to watch, got to spend a few hours over here while their Mama took care of some business. We all had so much fun!

2015-01-29 feb 2 0032015-01-29 jan 29 0022015-01-29 feb 2 0102015-01-29 feb 10 0012015-01-29 feb 2 007

Activity Days – almost done!  She is so excited to be 12 and in Young Women!  There is something about a sleeping baby that gets to me – love it!    My Jason and my Alex.

2015-01-27 jan 29 0012015-01-28 jan 29 001IMG_3283

I just think he’s so cute when he sleeps with his arms tucked under his head!

Bella stayed home from school one day and Joy was so worried about her!  She painted her this Get Well Picture.

2015-01-27 feb 10 0012015-01-31 feb 10 001

These two sleeping babies – love!  They were both sick and sleeping on me.                    


The Council for the Developmental Disabled is holding a series of art classes that will culminate in an art exhibit and a documentary.  Joy got to participate in one of their classes this Saturday. She was so excited to be there! To eat their snacks! To cut paper! To glue paper! She loved it!!  Lizzy got to go too! It was fun.

2015-01-31 feb 2 0022015-01-31 feb 2 0042015-01-31 feb 2 0062015-01-31 feb 2 0072015-01-31 feb 2 008

For the Super Bowl, Jason made wings.  We bought some soda and small bags of chips.  Joy was so excited!  She couldn’t wait!  She called it “Daddy’s Party!”  Brother feel asleep on Liz, so sweet.

2015-02-01 feb 10 0012015-02-01 feb 10 0032015-02-01 feb 10 002

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