Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday Lizzy!

Last Friday Lizzy had a Field Trip for school.  They were going to the circus.  Since our family was going the following day, we decided it was the perfect day to skip!  We met up with Daddy for lunch at BJ’s.  She had a great steak and a fabulous dessert!  Then she and I went over to the mall and went shopping!  She had a great time!

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2015-02-06 feb 8 0042015-02-06 feb 8 006

Her actual birthday fell on a school day (bummer!)  But she said it was still a good day!

She loved her flowers!  Sammi made her some bacon which she enjoyed along with waffles and strawberries for her bday breakfast.

2015-02-11 feb 12 0012015-02-11 feb 10 001

Sammi bought her a candy bar and a Dr Pepper.

2015-02-11 feb 12 002

She had sushi for dinner!

2015-02-11 feb 12 004

Cake (complete with photo bomber)

2015-02-11 feb 12 0072015-02-11 feb 12 010

and presents – money from Grandparents, makeup, a plaque, and a mountain bike from us, lotion from Becca

2015-02-11 feb 12 0142015-02-11 feb 12 0152015-02-11 feb 12 0162015-02-11 feb 12 0172015-02-11 feb 12 019

I can’t believe you are twelve Lizzy!  This shouldn’t be possible!  How we love you!  We are so proud of all of the good in your life!

Happy 12th Birthday Lizzy!

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