Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pictures Lately

Joy leading us in “I Am A Child of God” and “Book of Mormon Stories.”  She was alternating between having us sing loud and quiet.  She is so cute!

2015-02-03 feb 8 0012015-02-03 feb 8 007

Jessi has missed the last couple Sundays, so her church class dropped by with some items to help her on her road to recovery – books, movies, candy!  She was feeling loved!

2015-02-08 feb 10 0122015-02-08 Feb 10 015

Jessi in her natural habitat – reading a book!       Bella and I

2015-02-08 Feb 10 0172015-02-08 Feb 10 019

Someone got her new braces.  She is not a happy camper!  I can’t tell if it’s because of the braces or that she can’t wear her pink shoes with them!  :)

2015-02-04 feb 8 001

I have to brag on my kids a bit.  They are pretty fantastic.  Are they amazing because of who they are or did adding three siblings with special needs help them along in their awesomeness?  I don’t know, but I’m grateful for them!  After getting Alex’s Autism diagnosis, I was pretty much in shock all day.  I really didn’t expect them to just hand us that diagnosis – classic autism – at the age of three.  But they did.  And it makes sense.  But it’s still a lot to take in. That day Sammi invaded her chocolate stash for me, which was very kind.  And that night Lizzy got us dinner.  I told the kids that I really didn’t want to cook.  Jason was out late at a work thing, so we were just going to order pizza.  No big deal.  Except it wouldn’t work.  The online whatever was down.  Exhausted, emotionally numb, and totally beat, I told the kids I was going to go take a bath and I’d make something in just a bit.  Lizzy decided to call Domino’s, give them our order, and then proceeded to pay for it from her babysitting money.  Of course, I paid her back.  But these kids of mine, they mean the world to me!  I love their kind and compassionate hearts.  I love how much they serve.  I love how awesome they are!

2015-02-06 feb 8 007

Joy loves my camera on my phone.  A few of the pictures she took last weekend. Life as it happens: Jessi cleaning her room, the backyard, me doing laundry, Grandpa, a selfie, and Grandma taking a picture of her!

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Brother started in the three/four year old class on Monday.  I took him out for a celebratory donut afterwards.  I am so proud of you Brother!  How we love you!

2015-02-09 Feb 10 0012015-02-09 Feb 10 0032015-02-09 Feb 10 004

OT/ST – ever working

2015-02-09 Feb 10 0052015-02-09 Feb 10 007

Mutual – The first time all three of them got to go together!!  They visited a nursing home and came home and told me all about the sweet individuals who live there.

One Laurel, One Mia Maid, and One Beehive!

2015-02-10 feb 10 002

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