Saturday, February 21, 2015


(One of those honest posts.  Feel free to skip!!  It’s actually probably advised! TMI alert!)

I wanted to blog about this so one day when my girls look back, they don’t think life was always perfect and rosy.  We are living real life here.

Ever since Lizzy was born, my cycles have been crazy.  Like crazy.  Then came the other strange symptoms.  My body would act like it was pregnant ever single month.  In case you are wondering, that’s not cool.  Being nausea and the other early physical changes that come with early pregnancy is no fun!  Especially when there’s no cute baby to look forward to!

After a while I went to the doctor and he told me I was estrogen dominant.  I needed to use progesterone every month.  So I did and it helped a lot!  Yeah!  So long as I had my cream, life was tolerable.

And then we decided to have another baby.  We reversed Jason’s vasectomy and then learned that it was impossible for us to conceive again.  That was sad.  But these monthly symptoms didn’t go away, in fact, with time, they just got worse.  Which really isn’t nice when your body is acting like it’s pregnant and you can’t possibly get pregnant!

Five years marched past with me smearing progesterone cream on my body to try and stay normal and sane. But the symptoms just kept getting worse and worse.  Progesterone just wasn’t cutting it anymore!  What was wrong with me?

Finally I was a big girl and just went into the doctor.  I take my kids and send my husband, but doctors and me  - no, thanks.  But this time was different.  I had done my research and doctor agreed.  I had graduated to full blown PMDD.  Not cool, but cool. Because with this particular diagnosis there is a treatment plan.  Prozac is the first step for all of the crazy and then birth control for the physical symptoms.

Oh my goodness!

Seriously, the person who invented Prozac should be nominated for Sainthood!  I am on a teeny dose, but it’s magic.  Now I am me.  All month long.  Fantastic!  So girls, if this happens to you, go to the doctor!! You aren’t crazy!  The reason you want to be pregnant and nursing all the time is your body knows ovulation is the enemy in PMDD.  Embrace the treatment!  What a beautiful thing to take a teeny pill every day and be normal and happy!  What a blessing to live in a time when you don’t have to suffer.  Science is a blessing.  Use it!

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