Monday, June 19, 2017

The Balls and Father’s Day!!

My parents came into town!!!  So excited to see them!  They live entirely too far away!

Daddy is currently at Hershey’s for work– yum – so he brought us a “little” chocolate!IMG_3242

I wanted them to try some Kentucky things, so we played Corn Hole and had Derby Pie.


Alex could hear it and wanted to check it out – he loved the bean bags!


Derby Pie and ice cream!   Nathan did some practicing against the water tower out back.


Sammi and Mama talked books and Sam showed her the new apartment in the basement.


My parents and me


Our Parents


We had a Father’s Day feast on Saturday night.


Ellie charmed everyone! (of course!)


Father’s Day for Jason – cereal in bed and a new tie


I know this kind of pictures are generally frowned on – pictures in church – but it made me so happy.  Becca and her little family, to their left, my parents, Nathan, and Mandy, the Turpins, and then two of my big girls.  To my right, Jason, Jessi, and the three littles.  Joy, true joy!

The Primary children sang two songs, and as always, Joy was the center of the entertainment, showing her daddy how much she loves him!  “From where I stand I look up to you.  Daddy, you’re awesome!  I’ll always love you!”  She had the ward chuckling.  Smile


Daddy had to fly out after Sacrament, so he got his Father’s Day gift at church – a Louisville hat.  (hint, hint)


It was a quick visit, but I was so happy to see everyone!

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