Sunday, April 07, 2013

Our Week

It was a quieter week for us. PT was cancelled on Wednesday and Friday.  OT was cancelled on Thursday.  I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do!  I read a book.  Next year I’m not going to know what to do with myself!

Some Easter shots:


Brother and I went downtown for a CT scan and to see the neurosurgeon.  His ventricles are nice and small.  It was his best CT ever!  This was our first trip back to neurosurgeon since he was diagnosed with CVI this summer.  So I had to tell him that Brother can’t see.  He was floored and so sad.  He looked back through his scans and noted that while the brain tissue was really damaged (can’t see any on the back left side), the right side was more preserved.  He explained that he SHOULD have some vision in the left vision field.  Exciting news!  That would explain why sometimes he can find toys using the light box.  So when his TVI came, we explored this exciting news.  We are trying to optimize his left field now.  So exciting!


See??!?!  We were practicing walking between people and he reacted to the flash from the photo!!


I saw this t-shirt at Walgreens (doesn’t everyone live there?  Picking up medicine, working with pharmacists to get meds covered – so fun).  This shirt was so perfect for Bella!

Wednesday night was a combined YW.  They did a music zoo.  There are so many YW that play instruments.  They each talked about instruments/why they choose them etc.  Great activity!  (not great pics though, sorry)


Found this in the kitchen – Joy was cooking!  all the vanilla, two Chinese sauces, I’m sure it would have been wonderful!  Joy is a happy girl.  She likes to be on the go.  Jumping on the trampoline and playing with her imagination.


Lizzy – this active girl loves to dress up

IMG_4268photo (36)photo (37)

Playing in the water                                  String art from school


Art Club – colored rice mosaics and Spring themed soap


Investigating erosion                              Learning more about ordering fractions


Reading while waiting for Joy’s bus                 Jessi and Daddy working together


Working on feeling safe standing and cruising                A rare picture of me holding my babies


Free Chicken Burritos at Bullritos!!!     Brother hanging out while I worked in the kitchen


Proof that Bella sometimes eats!!   We had a couple gray days, how excited I was to see the sun hitting the trees again!    Working on meat again.  Must be work.  It always puts him to sleep!


Cute Joy helping me weed the herb garden.  Crazy girl – this is her preferred method to watch TV – two shows at a time!


Brother loving the pancakes and juice Becca made for him.  Bella helping me fold laundry.IMG_4302IMG_4303

Becca and Liz making GF Chex Mix for General Conference.  General conference is always a spiritual and physical feast to us!  We will miss Sister Dalton as General YW President.  She was an amazing YW President.  We are excited to welcome Sister Bonnie Oscarson as the new YW President.  Weird to actually know someone that high up in church leadership!


A bike/stroller ride/walk after conference.                         Jessi LOVES to read.  IMG_4308IMG_4311IMG_0983

Jason and I cut Brother’s hair.  Cute boy looks like a military recruit now!  He still HATES his hair cuts!

In exciting news, Jason got a new job!!!  He had been in his  position for ten years this month.  He is a very loyal guy.  But it was time for a change.  He is now a Senior Technical Consultant with a firm here in Houston.  He is so excited for the possibilities!!  I am so happy for him.  What a blessing it has been for our family.  During this process, during each phone interview, in person interview, and technical interview, the girls have gathered and prayed for their Daddy.  Then at the end of the day each individually would come up to him and ask how it went.  So grateful to see their love for their Dad.

Sunday General Conference

Lizzy is my new smoothie maker!  My naked Joy enjoying bubbles.


Watching, listening, feasting upon the messages of apostles and prophets.IMG_4315IMG_4316

Our culinary masterpiece today: Pull apart cinnamon rolls!


President Monson’s talk on obedience really touched me.  We have been praying about how to expand our family.   The old traditional method of pregnancy just doesn’t work for us.  I have thought and prayed about adopting.  There are so many different paths to consider: another DS baby, another medical mystery, try for a healthy newborn, or deal with the foster care system - what is the Lord’s will?  After much reflection, I have learned that my heart is so hesitant to walk back into the adoption world.  It is a hard road to walk.  There are so many officials, so much paperwork, so much that takes the joy from those first precious months or years together.  President Monson reminded us that we must be obedient.  We must seek out His will and do it, without hesitation or complaining.                         

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