Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Week

Last Sunday – Becca finished sewing her quilt.  It looks really nice.  Jason made wings for the Super Bowl.

IMG_0794 - CopyIMG_0795

Monday Bella spent down town.  For Family Home Evening we made homemade cream puffs and Joy wanted to do Daddy’s hair.

feb 13 348feb 13 354

Girl Scout cookies came in!  Becca helped Jessi organize.    Lizzy and Becca working on a school project.  They are building a town and Lizzy got assigned to make the hospital.  We all thought that was very appropriate! feb 13 356feb 13 362

Sammi – the original, and Bella in therapy.  She and we learned that she likes to dance!  Jason got his new glasses – we are excited about these.  They will give his eyeballs some time to breathe –  his hard contacts are very hard on his eyes.

feb 13 363feb 13 367feb 13 369

Wednesday night was New Beginnings.  Sammi was introduced which was nice.  It was a lovely evening.  I think the thing I will remember the most from the evening was Becca.  She was asked to bear her testimony.  She, like her mother, does not enjoy large groups.  She can bear in testimony to her friends and family, but large groups are another matter.  She fasted and prayed to prepare for her assignment and she did it.  I was very proud of her.  It was a hard thing and she did it.

feb 13 439Thursday Joy was scheduled for a sedated ABR.  They gave her as much med as they could in an outpatient setting, and nothing.  They could not make her go to sleep.  So we went home.  She was so loopy –she couldn’t walk a straight line.  Poor baby!



Friday was Lizzy’s 8th birthday!!  She started the day off with cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.  We found a lizard in the kitchen that morning – very cool for our little Lizard Lizzy!  Sammi and I brought her lunch at school.  Grandma and Grandpa arrived after a very difficult drive from Iowa.  We had red velvet cake – gotta love me a true Texas gal!

feb 13 372

feb 13 371




feb 13 444

feb 13 378

The big eight year old presents – scriptures (green, of course), and scripture bagfeb 13 389feb 13 391

Happy, happy birthday my Lizzy girl!!!  Eight years old!

Saturday was busy – Jason and his parents worked on a couple of projects around the house.  The kids played.  Linda hemmed Jason’s new white pants.  Bella was beautiful.  And I prepped for the evening.

feb 13 392feb 13 393feb 13 394feb 13 399feb 13 405

And that evening my beautiful eight year old was baptized.  She made her first covenant with her Heavenly Father.  I was so happy and so proud.  Thank you to everyone who came to her baptism.  What a special day for our family.  My baby girl was baptized.                           

Our Family – kinda hard to get eight people to smile and look at the camera!

feb 13 407

feb 13 406feb 13 413feb 13 414feb 13 415feb 13 416feb 13 417

Scenes from the party afterward:  Notice Kathie got her diploma – proof of that doctorate she worked so hard for.  We are so proud of you Kath!!

feb 13 418feb 13 421feb 13 422feb 13 423feb 13 424feb 13 425feb 13 426feb 13 427feb 13 428feb 13 429feb 13 435

I love my family and am so grateful for them!

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