Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Week

Sammi and Bella outside studying.  Bella being normal, making messes!  Welcome to the real world Bella!

May 20 001May 20 004

School experiences – why those light weight bird bones are so strong and how bats identify their babies.  An attempt at making a fossil..   Discovering that insects have three sections to their bodies and how temperature effects cold blooded animals.                Cute Joy!

May 20 003May 20 005

May 20 006May 20 019May 20 030

Therapy, climbing trees and future cucumbers!

May 20 007May 20 012May 20 013

Love this!  Becca, Jessi, and Joy gathered around the computer singing!

May 20 016May 20 022

Music Therapy and cuddling, I mean school time

May 20 025May 20 029

Sweet Alex is cooing and laughing.  I would think he would get annoyed with all of the attention he gets from little hands, but he loves it!

May 20 033May 20 035

Wednesday brought my brother Nathan to stay with us while my Mom is in Germany.  He brought three puppies down with him.  They are so cute!

May 20 038May 20 039DSC00490May 20 044May 20 047May 20 040May 20 045May 20 059DSC00497

Living…swinging, Nathan playing on the Wii, and Becca practicing with her friend on the viola.  Auditions for next year are coming up.  We are hearing a lot of Etudes around here!May 20 052May 20 054May 20 056

Sammi found this great frog in the back yard!     Alex “sitting” up in the Bumbo!  Way to go little one!  Alex is just so cute!

May 20 062May 20 065photo (28)

Joy brought home more art work.   I had to take a picture of Bella sleeping on her vent.  I am really beginning to believe that this vent might leave my house.  Incredible.  I am amazed!  No more life support?  What a concept!

May 20 077May 20 078

Domino’s now has a gluten free pizza, so Becca had to try it.  It was really tasty, but she says there was some gluten somewhere because she could feel the effects later.  Oh well, worth a try!

May 20 079

Such a cool woodpecker!       Nathan and Sammi playing “poke.” 

May 20 098DSC00496

Thursday we went swimming. 


Friday night Becca went to the Houston Symphony with TFME (Texas Future Music Educators).  They went to Hard Rock Café and then to the Symphony.  There was nothing at Hard Rock that was gluten free. So she had the meat, cheese, and a coke for $20 please.  Little disappointing.  Afterwards, they got to get up on stage at Jones Hall and meet some of the musicians.  That part was very cool!

DSC00521photo (29)303321_4092916086244_1383040953_4761156_733082975_n

photo (30)

Saturday Jason and Lizzy did the swim meet together.

She is doing better and better.

photo (31)

First off, my apologizes to Donna – we didn’t tell you we were taking pictures!  Smile  How I loved this afternoon!  The girls were getting antsy after Stake Conference.  So we decided to go for a ride – to Donna and Brad’s.  I whipped up some birthday cookies and we all piled into the van – even Bella.  We just went.  It felt so wonderful to be able to be spontaneous! 

Thanks for letting us stop in Leavitts!  Happy birthday to both of you!

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Donna Leavitt said...

I was so surprised that you were able to bring Bella out this far. But I am so happy for her amazing progress! It was so wonderful to see your family!