Sunday, May 06, 2012

Our Week

Update on the poor bird that chose our church parking lot for her ground nest.  Four eggs!  They have great camouflage!                   Becca is thrilled!  She has two little violin students to teach.  She is loving it.  She had her interview at school for her teaching class.  She had to explain why she wanted to take the class, her plans for the future, and her experience with children.  Needless to say, she did very well on that.

May 6 002002

Sammi’s creation while waiting for Joy to get off the bus.  That girl amazes me.  She just creates all the time.  I attended a funeral this week of a lady in our ward.  The three things that everyone remembered about her were 1. her love for the Savior 2. her love for her family and 3. her love to create.  Sammi reminds me of that love to create.         Cute Bella in Music Therapy


Alex had OT and PT evals again.  Well, he has earned that Developmentally Delayed label as well as torticollis.  We continue to work with him on those.  He also had his shots this week.  Poor thing!  He was so miserable!  Just broke my heart!


Marissa and Jay come over often and work out with Jason.  This means lots more opportunities to see cousins!


Watching the wild life in our back yard.  Lizzy and Bella checking out a caterpillar.  We have had so many Robins lately!  They love our cherries!


KHS went into lock down this week.  Two hours after school was supposed to be over, Becca finally got home!  We were so happy to see her safe (There was a murder suspect on the loose right by the high school, armed and actively being pursued by the police!)   She brought home some wonderful (and expensive) paperwork – her letterman jacket!!  She is thrilled to put all of her Latin and Orchestra patches on her jacket.


Sammi’s activity this week was a goal board.  These are her goals for the next 15 years: a job, a temple marriage, to have a cool car, a house on a hill, children, to have cats and to continue to read.                                                    Sweet Alex!


Sammi is starting to work on her quilt.  it is going to be her Knowledge project for Personal Progress.  I just loved these two.  They were sitting in the same room, playing with their technology and sitting exactly the same way!


Jessi and I had a Mother/Daughter activity with her Activity Days group.  It was a very nice affair!May 6 012May 6 013

Joy finally got her pizza night!  That hasn’t been happening as much with Becca’s gluten intolerance.                                            Joy and her Daddy


More shots of cute Alex and Becca driving home after 5th Grade Strings (in Dora sun glasses)

053054May 6 003

Swim Team is every day 5:15 to 6.  Every single day until June 22nd, well Monday through Friday anyway.  But then swim meets start next week.  My impressions so far…Lizzy loves it.  She is already getting a tan, and my dinner hour is shot. 

May 6 004May 6 014

On Wednesday night, Jason, Becca, Joy, Alex, and I all went to the Latin Awards Ceremony.  Becca was recognized for placing in the Pentathlon and in mottos at the Texas Junior Classical League State Competition.  She also made it into National Latin Honor Society.  Joy thought the best part of the evening was the refreshments!

May 6 005May 6 010

This was the last Art Club of the year – sadness!  The girls made tye-die shirts.

May 6 017

Saturday – Jason finished the back yard.  The Ricks boys and the big girls poured black mulch into our path, and viola, we are finished.


While Jason and the kids worked, Kathie and I were going through baby clothes.  I gave her all of my baby clothes.  I know, I hear an audible gasp.  No, she is not pregnant, but I hope she will be soon.  I am moving on.  Letting things go.  Very hard for me to do.  But afterwards, it felt good.  She tells me I can have them back if I need them, but I have unsubscribed from all of my adoption related email groups.  My quiver is feeling pretty full these days!


Sammi had a friend over and these four played pretend for hours!  I love this picture.  The girls will just grab Didi and disappear.  He becomes part of their games.  What a wonderful blessing – something we missed doing with Arabella.

May 6 015

We held a blind taste test to see which brand we preferred – HEB or Blue Bell – for the petite strawberry or vanilla with strawberries (a seasonal favorite).  It was fun to see reactions.  Either way, a Texas favorite won!

May 6 016

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