Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Week

Becca got back from Corpus.  She had a wonderful time!  She had to get her hugs in.April 29 299April 29 298

It is still nice out – not for too much longer, so we are trying to enjoy it while we can!  Loved our picnic on Monday!  Loved this – Joy decided to copy us.  Here she is teaching us something, didn’t quite catch her words, but it was about Jesus.

April 29 328April 29 301April 29 351

Tuesday morning at way too early in the morning, we loaded up and headed to the hospital.  Bella went in for a DL&B, stayed over night and had a CT the next day.  More on that on her blog!

photo (26)photo (24)

April 29 136April 29 149

April 29 152April 29 158

April 29 358


Oh, this picture!  We got home and got settled in and just as we are wanting to crash and go to sleep, we realized the vent plug in got left at TCH.  So we took our exhausted bodies and went to get it.  What a blessing that we are only one hour away from the hospital!


Back to life after we got home from the hospital Wednesday night.  Back to cuddling Alex.  Jason said Alex missed me while I was gone – ahhh.

April 29 295April 29 164

Jason’s project while I was gone – re-sodding the back yard.

April 29 349

Back to piano lessons.  No, Joy doesn’t have piano lessons, but she packed up and headed out with everyone.  I thought she was so cute!  Lizzy went to the home school Field Day with my sister-in-law Marissa.  She had so much fun!  Friday Alex, Jessi, and I went back to TCH, but this time for Alex.  He had a head CT done.  This will be his baseline from now on.  He did great!

April 29 166April 29 168

On Saturday Lizzy started the craziness we call swim team.  Very curious what we have gotten ourselves into!  We saw this fledging in our yard.  Very fascinating.   Thankfully, no one touched it and it made it back to bird land unharmed.

April 29 171April 29 177

More Alex, sisters, and caterpillars

April 29 190April 29 296

April 29 300April 29 304

Our sweet boy…

April 29 309April 29 310April 29 311April 29 312

Playing outside

April 29 314April 29 330

Fun Lizzy                                             Joy, the bag lady

April 29 334April 29 347

Sweet girls                                                                   Cowgirl JoyApril 29 355April 29 357

Saturday Jason built us our final bed of the year.  We have a bush cherry, dwarf peach, and lots of herbs.  It looks great!

April 29 373April 29 374April 29 375April 29 376


April 29 380photo (22)

photo (21)

Jessi's harp is FINALLY here!  Jason and Becca tuning it.  It sounds beautiful, even with us just playing around with it!

photo (23)photo (21)

Sunday my Dad, Nathan, and Mandy came by for a lesson in all things Apple.  Cute to listen to.  A strawberry – yes, it was cut into a thousand pieces so we could share it!

photo (22)photo (27)

Two videos of Alex from this morning.  There is all kinds of background noise – from Joy to me reading to Bella.  Enjoy! 

PS – The only sound that is Alex is the little squeak at the end. The rest is Bella.

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