Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happenings at our House

I have started picking up a few little things for my new baby coming in October.  His/Her due date is October 2nd.  I’m HOPING Becca is overdue by two days!!  (My bday is Oct 4th).  I figured these would work for a girl or a boy – just add a cute red bow if it’s a girl :)  I’m thinking boy  - we’ll see!


Joy’s behavioral therapist helped us make this morning routine chart for Joy.  She loves the magnets!


Sammi has been learning about local plant life and what you can make with it.  Love her curiosity!


Therapy – we LOVE Wednesdays and Fridays!!



Spring is showing up – SO EXCITED for Spring!!!


Our piano teacher and my Visiting Teacher’s Chihuahua had puppies.  Sammi made the Mama Dog some homemade, gourmet Doggy treats.  She loved them!  The puppies are so teeny.


This would be a typical picture – I go to check on Joy at ten o’clock at night and find her up playing school.  “I’m Fee-ster!”  Her teacher’s name is Ms Pfister. 

Crazy girl, go to sleep!! (Our daily battle)


The girls celebrating the beautiful weather we have been having lately!  Welcome Spring!


Some of the girls crazy poses – overjoyed, face palm, dressed up


Pizza and jow-e-cee – one happy girl!  Being cute and trying not to go to bed!


Daddy picked some two new trees for us – an apple and a Dogwood (my FAV!) 

Sammi planting the apple tree.


Jessi’s Choir Concert


Jason bought his birthday present early!  He bought and installed this new radio that connects to his phone.  Tech doesn’t do much to me, but when I was driving around the other day, I had to admit, it’s pretty cool.  It reads your texts and emails to you.  You can reply verbally.  That was fun!  All of the music on your phone, everything.  Pretty cool!


Sammi and Jason out on a Sushi date!


Lizzy got to spend some time at a friend’s house.  They made a fun cake!


I was sick all weekend, which meant that most of the child care feel to Miss Jessi.  To show our appreciation, Jason took her out to see Zootopia – just the two of them! 

They had a great time!


The girls working on Indexing Smile


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