Sunday, March 13, 2016

Friday Night/Saturday

Jason had a stint placed.  It’s having some interesting effects, but it’ll keep him going till next week when they can blast the big stone with the laser.  He finally got to eat late Friday night – it was after 9 PM.  A plain turkey sandwich, chips and applesauce never tasted so good!


This weekend we were supposed to spend at Camp for Courageous Kids.  But it’s a rule that you have to be there by 6PM on Friday night or you can’t come.  So we couldn’t go.  What a bummer!  The kids have been SO excited to go.  Joy has talked about nothing else for weeks.  The big girls love it there because they can have fun too – no supervising role there!

Needless to say, my heart was full of guilt!  My big girls were so sweet.  They told me to stop apologizing.  They were just glad Daddy was feeling better.  I am so grateful for them!

But I still bought presents…

For Brother another music toy and a ball.  For Bella Legos from one of her favorite shows (Joy likes them too!).  For Joy a Minnie Mouse doll.  For the big girls, Kentucky t-shirts and leggings.


We tried to still have a “Camp” weekend for Joy’s sake.  We came home from the hospital to find the campout in the living room, after the pizza and movie.  So grateful for my big girls!


Saturday we tried to make it fun – donuts, outdoor times,  cook out, s’mores, playing in the water




That night was a “May I?” tournament and hugs.


While it wasn’t the amazing camp experience, it was still a fun day for us!  (not so much for poor Daddy)

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