Friday, March 11, 2016

The never ending kidney story

  Poor Jas! We are back in the ER tonight. Last Thursday Jason had lithotripsy on his right side. He did his left side a month ago. This time they were trying to break up a 1 cm stone.  He did well. A couple of sore days and we thought we were good. All stones should be blasted and gone. Not so fast. 

Monday he had a really hard night passing a 1 mm stone on Tuesday morning. But then tonight, he got home from dropping off Lizzy at Church and wam it hit him. He tried the good drugs they had given him, but nothing was phasing this pain.  He tried to sleep it off, but he was shaking and trying so hard not to cry the pain was so bad.  We decided he couldn't do this intense pain any longer and headed in.  Poor guy was shaking the car, he was shaking so bad from the pain. 
So very grateful for strong drugs that take away the pain!  Once they finally got him back and the NP saw him, he finally got some relief.  CT shows a 6mm stone still high up in the tube.  They are worried about his numbers and his kidney function. So my Jas is being admitted with a procedure tomorrow.  Hopefully this will be the last stone he has to deal with!!

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